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Everything Would be Awesome if These Six Games Went Lego

213d ago - The Lego games are growing and growing. We’ve got six games that we think should get Lego-fied. | PC

5 Video Games That Shaped Me as an Adult

213d ago - Nat Smyth of Entertainment Buddha writes: "A lot of us have been playing games since we were litt... | GameCube

The Wii U Games You Need to Play in August

Now - Let's take a look at what Nintendo will be offering throughout the month. | Promoted post

Definitive Ranking of Mass Effect’s DLCs

215d ago - Tatjana Vejnovic from The Koalition writes: "If you’re anywhere near as infatuated with Mass E... | PC

It Would Suck so Much to Live in These 6 Game Universes

220d ago - Ever think about a game world you'd want to live in? After reading through this list, maybe recon... | PC

Worst Video Game Endings of All Time

232d ago - NuzCo writes: "It is all too common for the thought of worst video game endings to accrue to play... | PC

Games to Help You Get Your Exercise On

242d ago - Want to start getting in shape with the New Year? We've got some games and tips that'll get on yo... | PC

Mass Effect series mega sale now live on PS3

242d ago - Dealspwn writes: All three Mass Effect games are now available for download on PS3 for some incre... | PS3

How Morality in Games Like Fable III and Mass Effect 3 Can Weigh Heavy on Players

243d ago - Moral choices are a great and enjoyable thing, unless you consider yourself a worrier. Then, not... | Culture

From Titanfall to Mass Effect 3: The Art of Balancing a Co-op Game

243d ago - With so many games including co-op multiplayer these days, balance is more important than ever. | Dev

Aging Gamer: Blooming

243d ago - Apixelatedview's Aging Gamer takes a look at how not to over-do lighting effects in games. | Industry

Is Kaidan Alenko gaming’s bisexual male icon?

249d ago - Pause and Select: "Here, two men have an open honest exploration of their feelings for each other... | PC

The Big Book of Controversies: Chapter VII

253d ago - A continuous look at the various controversies plaguing the gaming industry. In Chapter VII: Rhod... | PC

9 Times Commander Shepard Stole Our Hearts Forever

262d ago - Surely you've heard of Commander Shepard, the captain of the Normandy that doesn't take any reape... | PC

Romance In Video Games

270d ago - So romance has forever been a prevalent theme for gaming, however it's becoming more serious and... | Culture

Beyond gameplay: 10 video game cinematics that’ll give you chills

270d ago - There is nothing quite like sitting down to play a game and being greeted by the most beautiful a... | Culture

Preorders open for Mass Effect 3 John Shepard figure

285d ago - Collectibles maker ThreeZero has opened preorders on its figure of John Shepard as he appears in... | Culture

Playstation Store Update 11/18 Deals Starting at $3 Each Games

286d ago - Techtorial: U.S Playstation Store Sale For 11/18 revealed. | PS3

Advertising in Video Games - Believe the Hype or Derail the Hype Train?

290d ago - Sometimes it's brought on by advertising and sometimes it's brought on by gamers excited about th... | PC

7 Years, 7 Great Mass Effect Moments

297d ago - It's been 7 years since the original Mass Effect graced its way onto store shelves. And today, we... | PC

How Does Sexual Content Fit Into The World Of Video Games?

300d ago - Nintendo partners with Playboy to promote Bayonetta. Twitch bans sexualized clothing and a lack o... | PC


Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post

Dragon Age Inquisition Makes Skyrim Feel Small; Multiplayer A Mashup Of Mass Effect 3 & Dark Souls

300d ago - A press member mentioned some of his Dragon Age Inquisition impressions, such as the game being s... | PC

Amazon Black Friday Deals Week 2014 For Digital Games Updated (November 1)

303d ago - Techtorial: Amazon has updated its list of digital games inside its countdown to Black Friday wit... | PC

4 Spooky Video Game Fan Theories That Are Better Than the Actual Story

308d ago - Yami from Twinfinite writes: "This one blew my mind because it’s ONLY one of my favorite games of... | PC

5 games that broke our hearts

314d ago - From Mass Effect 3 to Enter the Matrix, these are 5 games that broke our spirits. | Culture

Top Five Sexiest Female Video Game Characters

315d ago - From the article - These woman only dominate their adversaries but they look good while they do i... | PC

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