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User Review : Mass Effect 2

  • Expansive universe
  • Improved combat
  • Influential choices
  • late to the PS3

Commander Shepard storms onto PS3 finally

Bioware created a new hybrid action RPG with Mass Effect providing a deep and intriguing fleshed out story compelling you to play with stellar character development which has you making crucial decisions and leaving you with the consequences of those actions. The Hero of Mass effect is you Commander Shepard who can be male or female while the original Mass Effect saw Shepard undertake a mission to save the Galaxy from Geth Forces led by a turian spectre Saren and in most cases when someone goes rogue the Citadel council initially refuses to believe Sheppard and disregard his visions shown to him through an ancient Prothean beacon. Sheppard carries out the investigation which unearths evidence proving Saren has in fact gone Rogue aiming to bring back an ancient machine race known as Reapers. Shepard is declared the first human spectre by the council and is placed in command of the Normandy SR1 with a mission to bring down Saren and save the Galaxy from extinction.

Mass effect 2 picks up right after the events in Mass effect picking up after the Citadel battle Commander Sheppard is patrolling the Terminus systems in search for reaming any geth when he comes under attack from an unknown ship. The Commander Shepard in Mass effect 2 can be the same Commander you created in the original if you played on PC or 360 by importing your save which carries the choices you make from one game to the next a nice feature allowing the character to become your own and it creates for an immersive experience.

PS3 fans aren’t left out however, although they may never see the original on PS3 the story is recapped in a stunning interactive comic which allows players to make some of the crucial choices that will reflect on their Commander Shepard. The opening to Mass effect 2 is possibly one of the most cinematic experiences with such an explosive introduction as you see the destruction of the Normandy SR1’s and Shepard’s refusal to leave anyone behind leads to returning pilot Joker as he escapes the destruction as Commander Shepard is blown into space. The events to follow occur 2 years later with Commander Shepard awakening on a space station under attack leading to a shaky induction into Cerberus the human survivalist group who believe humanity deserves vital role in the Galactic community led by the Illusive man. Shepard has been out of action for 2 years and now a new threat has appeared with a strange alien race known as the Collectors abducting human colonies, Cerberus seeks Commander Shepard’s help in order to prevent further abductions in return for the resources they poured into bringing him back. Shepard first is to assemble a new team to undertake a suicide mission venturing through the Omega 4 relay taking the fight straight to the collectors. Shepard’s old team is lost as when he was believed dead they were disbanded and are now scattered around the galaxy living new lives while some are known to the public others have fallen of the radar hiding within the huge universe Bioware crafted that can be explored during your mission where you will meet some old faces and old allies while seeing the effects of your choices from the original or that you made during the interactive comic which can alter various events of Mass Effect 2.

The Mission is vital for not only saving humanity but can have a huge impact on Mass effect 3 as both crew members and Commander Shepard could die during the suicide mission these circumstances may lead to less crew members or having to create a new Shepard so be careful when preparing for the suicide mission.

Mass effect 2 has a lot to offer as it maintains the epic cinematic experience of the first and builds on what made it great while adding a whole bunch of new and improved features. ME2 may be sci-fi action RPG that appeals to both RPG and shooter with the combat in Mass effect 2 using weapon classes provide a unique set of weapons in each which can prove vital for combat based on what Role Shepard or squad members assume because some weapons are class specific this can provide a more tactical approach when deciding who to take into missions. Combat in Mass Effect is played as a third person shooter which makes the title unique as Bioware crafts 2 genres together in this action RPG were the core shooter gameplay sees various changes making for a greater combat experience. Weapons now disperse thermal clips when they overheat acting as the games ammunition system, thermal clips can be found lying around to replenish ammo during missions and while the majority of weapons use thermal clips heavy weapons tend to require power cells found in various containers found during missions. Overall the combat is now more fluid as it allows you to manually enter cover during combat making it simpler to move from cover to cover in order to flank enemies during. The Health system in ME2 consist of a replenishible shield and Health bar that regenerates over time when you are out of the line of fire allowing medi-gel to be used to revive fallen squad members during combat ( How a Phoenix down works in Final Fantasy) by using the unity ability.

Talents are now powers which come under various classes: Biotic, Tech, Combat and Ammo powers the ammos powers replace an ammo upgrade system allowing you to change ammo types on the fly during combat making it easier to adapt to different combat situations based on their status of Armour, Barrier or shield. Powers have a cool down period after activation causing delays between usages. Character development allows you to spend your squad points gained by levelling up to upgrade powers advancing them into specialised powers which allows you to make powers more impactful, longer lasting or add area effects. The character development in mass effect 2 is huge as it’s not simply levelling Commander Shepard and his team then upgrading their powers you can develop armour, weapons and even the Normandy by using the research terminal on board the Normandy after recruiting a scientist upgrading weapons allows you increase the overall effectiveness of the particular weapon class and unlock new weapons through prototype research. Development of armour and weapons requires research data found throughout the games many missions and purchased from merchants using earned credits gained from completed missions and cracking safes then the data is researched by using resources.

Research data can increase the effectiveness of weapons and armour but you can customise the Shepard's appearance by purchasing armour parts from merchants that allows you to alter your appearance with each part that provides separate status effect resulting in different enhancements from each appearances. custom armor allows you to create a unique appearance for Shepard by altering the colours and tints of your armor making it unique for you. The Normandy is another vital part in development as you discover ship upgrades from the crew and only gaining access by interacting with a specific crew member giving you incentive to interact with your crew members where you can learn about their opinions and feeling towards others and the mission at hand.

Researching uses mineral resources that are found during missions in various containers they don’t come in great quantity and although ME 2 may not use full planet exploration but in its place is a planet mining mini game were you use the Normandy to search galaxies scanning numerous planets for minerals. Bioware created a huge universe with a giant population while giving everything individual details and backstory all planets have a description, and the Mythology of the game is fantastic and isn’t simply thrown in your face but is there if you wish to learn more. Codex pages are perfect at keeping record of everything in the ME universe and are reports that are uncovered as you play and will always be available for you to refer to if you need anything clearing up.

Mass effect 2 provides a unique play experience for every player as not everyone will have the same morality and will make individual choices making an entire different player experience as a result any choices made. The choices in Mass effect use a unique dialogue system that allows you to control conversations whether you are simply advancing a conversation or investigating particular aspects further as you delve deeper into the ME: Universe. Decisions made in conversations are reflected on Commander Shepard changing Paragon or Renegade status when points are rewarded that will increase either depending on the choices made this can alter the perception of Shepard with other characters.

New in Mass effect 2 is an interrupt system which allows you more input over your actions as during conversations you may be prompt to push R2 or L2 to trigger an interrupt event that will affect your Paragon or Renegade level as Shepard will either be calm and reasonable (Paragon) or Physical and Aggressive (Renegade). The Dialogue system increase character development further as some Dialogue options will only become available if you have a high enough Paragon or Renegade level that can alter the outcome of various conversations.

Bioware has offered an expansive universe for you to explore filled with numerous planets throughout multiple galaxies that are populated by a wide range of species were Krogan, Salarian, Bartarians Turians, Quarians are only a few. The races of Mass Effect 2 all have their own story with, likes, dislikes, and rivalries some even have political disputes, all this is mixed with a fully voiced cast with fantastic voice acting complimented by a great soundtrack that all makes for a one truly cinematic experience.

The game looks beautiful and running on the Mass effect 3 engine gives it a slight edge with its vivid environments and steady frame rate.
Great soundtrack creating the tension and ambiance in the various settings and phenomenal set pieces.
The shooter mechanics have been improved to make for a more fluid experience while maintaining the RPG aspects.
Fun Factor
ME 2 is a 10 in fun for me as I love the game and simply cant wait for 3 with a deep fleshed out story, numerous side quest and planet mining.
ME2 doesn't need any form of Multi-player but the Cerberus network is a nice touch for getting updates about developments in the Mass effect universe.
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R8342417d ago

I can see you've put a lot of effort into the review, but you need to proof read. Typos and grammatical errors make it hard to read.

ps3bestever2416d ago

Graphics in ME3 Looks Awful !

49erguy2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Best series this gen alongside Uncharted. These 2 games are head and shoulders above the rest. Nice review man.

jonathon-922415d ago

Thanks i don't no what was wrong when i was writing this but it felt weird compared to when i was writing one for infamous 2. I completely agree Mass effect in one of the best series this gen and has added a nice touch to the RPG genre.

SLLCKGT2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I am seriously clueless as to why I have no interest in this game. I remember years ago I gave my friend my PS2 to borrow with 13 games and all I wanted was his xbox and only one game.... Knights of the Old Republic. These type of games are my favorite above anything else, games like Dragon Age, Borderlands, Fallout etc. Yet, I have no interest to play this. I don't know what it is. I only own a PS3, and not talking crap, but it seems 360 owners are easier to please, so maybe hearing them say this is the best game of all time has gotten me skeptical. I watch the reviews and I see an Uncharted/Gears of War style TPS game. This is yet another review I have read that puts it on the high pedestal. I have no doubt this is a great game, I will have to force myself to play this, hopefully in a few hours I will change my mind. Nice review.

49erguy2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Using you teams and your own powers/guns to defeat enemies is EXTREMELY addicting. I'm not even an RPG/JRPG fan, but these action RPGS (this and Deus Ex HR) provide a balance between the deep universe and character development of RPGs and the fun gameplay of a typical shooter. Its really a godsend (for me because while I love the world and story of RPGs the gameplay usually bored me to tears like Final Fantasy)

Unlike Gears and Uncharted, you choose your path in every way imaginable. Your relationships with characters, how you look, your powers, your class (infiltrator, adept, soldier, engineer).

The highlight of the game is character development though. THe universe and journey sucks you in so much that you HAVE to keep playing. BUY IT. This is coming from someone who has purchased an Xbox (have consumer PC) just to ply the first one cause it was so damn incredible. I even read the friggin books now. I got it baceuse of the praise and thought the demo was just..OK. I'm now a diehard.

SLLCKGT2415d ago

Trust me no need to preach. Its like being a car enthusiast and walking passed a Ferrari. I will be ordering this game tomorrow on Amazon. hopefully it will here after I beat Infamous 2.

SageHonor2410d ago

A negative for being late to the PS3??