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Girl Uses Harp to Critique Mass Effect's Body Image (GP)

1126d ago - Rebecca Mayes reviews Mass Effect with her live performance at our theatre show. Her song questio... | Xbox 360

'Mass Effect': The Trilogy Review - Part 2 | Empty Apartment

1134d ago - "Before the release of Mass Effect 2, I was surrounded in a veil of pure hype. The first game of... | PC

Make the World / Break the World

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160° --- Mass Effect Video Reviews

1149d ago - The Mass Effect franchise is the big masterpiece trilogy from Bioware and EA. The games have been... | PC

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe book review

1176d ago - Mass Effect 3 was released in North America earlier this week so it is good timing for ThinkGeek.... | PC

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe Collector's Edition Review

1179d ago - As we are all very aware, the arrival of Harbinger and the entire Reaper armada is imminent. Eart... | PC

ClickOnline - Re-reviewed Mass Effect 2

1179d ago - As Mass Effect 3 prepares to hit consoles, ClickOnline gets you up to speed on BioWare's 2010 eff... | Xbox 360

GameSector - Mass Effect 2 Retrospective Review

1181d ago - GameSector writes: Sequels are feared nearly as much as fans anti­cip­ate them. Originally releas... | PC

Mass Effect 2 Rewind Review (EmptyLifeBar)

1205d ago - Commander Shepard, Spectre, savior of the Citadel, killed in action. In Mass Effect 2, you take... | PC
100° Mass Effect 2: Overlord (DLC Review)

1342d ago - Callum of reviews Mass Effect 2: Overlord DLC. | Xbox 360

CtN Game Review 12: Mass Effect 2

1356d ago - Chris really loved the first Mass Effect game. It had the promise of an epic story spanning three... | Xbox 360

Mass Effect 2 DLC Compilation Review - Alternative Magazine Online

1463d ago - Commander Shepard, Commander Shepard, where art thou Commander Shepard? The human race needs you!... | Xbox 360

GameBanshee: Mass Effect 2: Arrival Review

1501d ago - A worthy $7 add-on or just an advertisement for Mass Effect 3? | PC

GamerXchange Review- Mass Effect 2: Arrival

1503d ago - SleeplessColin: "Even the greatest of all great things reach an end. Shenmue fans will tell you t... | PC

Mass Effect 2: Arrival (DLC) on PlayStation 3 Review - PushSquare

1504d ago - PushSquare: "Arrival strips away everything you enjoyed about Mass Effect 2. The real disappointm... | PS3

Gamer's Corner: Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC Review

1505d ago - Bioware's latest and final Mass Effect 2 bridging DLC is out. Is "The Arrival" value for money? D... | PC

Gamer Euphoria: Mass Effect 2: The Arrival Review

1505d ago - With just a few months until the release of the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3, the final insta... | Xbox 360

For Glitches and Glory: A Dragon Age II Review

1508d ago - Can a rushed sword and sorcery RPG hosed down in ME2 juice be any kind of good? | Xbox 360

Saving Content - Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC Review

1513d ago - Excerpt: "Arrival is the final piece of DLC for Mass Effect 2. You, Commander Shepard, are gi... | PC

GGTL Review: Arrival for Mass Effect 2

1513d ago - Gamer's Guide to Life contributor Andrew Whipple III: "Though it’ll take you around an hour or... | PC

Play-It-Again Review: Mass Effect 2 | VGW

1513d ago - VGW's Brian Shea: "Mass Effect 2 was easily my pick for Game of the Year 2010. The game took ever... | PC

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

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Diehard GameFAN: Mass Effect 2: The Arrival Review

1513d ago - ”Enjoyable” really sums up Arrival as an expansion, actually. While it’s fun for what it is, and... | Xbox 360

Mass Effect 2: Arrival Review [GameRevolution]

1514d ago - "While we're crouched in our corners anxiously waiting and craving for Mass Effect 3 after playin... | PC

Mass Effect 2: The Arrival Review | Goozernation

1514d ago - The last DLC for Mass Effect 2, The Arrival, landed on XBLA, PSN, and the Bioware store on March... | Xbox 360

GamesRadar: Mass Effect 2: Arrival Review

1515d ago - The whole point of Arrival is to whet your appetites for Mass Effect 3, but incredibly, this full... | PC

OXCGN’s Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC Review: Arriving Short of Expectations

1516d ago - OXCGN: "Mass Effect 2 was OXCGN’s very own game of the year in 2010. "It is quite possibly... | PC
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Mass Effect 2

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Release Dates
PC Release Dates
AU 28 January 2010
US 26 January 2010
EU 29 January 2010
PS3 Release Dates
EU 21 January 2011
AU 20 January 2011
US 18 January 2011
Wii U Release Dates
Xbox 360 Release Dates
US 26 January 2010
EU 29 January 2010
AU 28 January 2010