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Nintendo posts $97M quarterly loss, despite Mario Kart 8 racing off shelves.

2d ago | News | Mario Kart 8 enjoyed a great attach rate with shipments of 2.82 million by the end of June, but the vast majority of its success can be attributed to existing Wii U owners and not new buyers. Ninte...

Another Huge Hit for Nintendo As Hacker Managed to Exploit Mario Kart 8

6d ago | News | Nintendo has been struggling with their Wii U Console since its debut and things are about to get worse as two hackers known by the names of MrBean3500vr and Chadderz uploaded four videos a Mario K...

Why Mario Kart: Double Dash Is Better Than Mario Kart 8

13d ago | Opinion piece | N247 writes: Mario Kart 8 is proving to be one of the most popular Mario Kart games of the series...

Luigi Death Stare Featured In Official Nintendo Commercial

11d ago | Video | The famous Luigi death stare, from Mario Kart 8, has been acknowledged by Nintendo in their lates...

Mario Kart 8 selling slower in US than Double Dash, MK7 and MK Wii

13d ago | Article | GGG compares the first few months of US sales of Mario Kart titles going back to Mario Kart 64 to...

10 Gaming Moments You Must Experience Before You Die

25d ago | Opinion piece | The spine shivering moments of perfection that make gaming the best thing ever.

If I could only have 10 video games

24d ago | Opinion piece | GotGame: Steam sales, Humble Bundles, GoG, Amazon, and even traditional retailers have made...

Mario Kart 8 Toys at McDonald’s Are Worth Buying

21d ago | Opinion piece | GeekParty writes: "Like a Yoshi with a golden mushroom, Mario Kart 8 toys raced into McDonal...

Japanese sales: Mario Kart 8 slips big time this week

28d ago | News | Wii U best seller Mario Kart 8 drops from the t...

Check out these Wii U game deals on Amazon

23d ago | News | Amazon has a bunch of exciting Wii U deals at the moment.

Hackers break Mario Kart 8, vow to not aid cheaters

25d ago | News | The most basic premise of console multiplayer i...

Mario Kart 8 Happy Meals but No Luigi Death Stare

18d ago | Opinion piece | Richard of writes "I guess I will still buy the Happy Meals to get all the toys...

The Best and Worst Games of 2014 (So Far)

30d ago | Opinion piece | Half of 2014 just passed right by. While E3 brought some new surprises, there were still so...

Mario Kart 8 - Best Character And Kart Combinations

26d ago | Article | Mii-gamer: Having trouble winning online? Wa...

Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundles Outselling Xbox One In At Least One Retailer

23d ago | News | The Wii U may not be selling much in some place...

Ten contenders for best game of 2014 so far

24d ago | Opinion piece | HITC gaming looks back at some of the best games we've had this year so far
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