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The top 7 video games of 2014

1d 10h ago | Opinion piece | 2014 was an interesting year for gaming filled with amazing, groundbreaking titles but also a number of disappointments. Great games like Forza Hor...

Amazon UK Names Mario Kart 8 As Their Game Of 2014

3d ago | News | Mynintendonews - We all love Mario Kart 8 and it seems that the guys and girls over at Amazon UK...

The Top 10 Most Searched Games This Year, According to Google

3d ago | News | 8CN: Google has released its statistics on the biggest search trends of 2014, and the video game category in particular reveals some very interesting (and occasionally surprising) insights into wha...

Polygon retracts Mario Kart 8 sales pie-chart with no notice

4d ago | News | After getting made fun of by fans for half a year for their article on Mario Kart 8's potential sales this past May, Polygon has removed the part of the article that fans made fun of the most witho...

Top Three Wii U Racing Games Of 2014

1d 13h ago | Opinion piece | With 2014 drawing to a close I reflect back at the year’s best racing games for the Nintendo Wii...

The Best Games of 2014

3d ago | Opinion piece | Here the best games of 2014 for Amazon UK.

Developer of the Year 2014

1d 23h ago | Opinion piece | Developing good video games in this era is tough. Games have to look good, have to play great, and have to keep a player’s attention long enough to...

How Parenthood Changes Gaming (One Month In)

3d ago | Opinion piece | An Invisible Gamer writer just became a dad. Now he wants to discuss how gaming has and will cont...

The Best Video Games of 2014

2d ago | Opinion piece | This was a troubled year in video games. The difficulty started in March, when some of the organizers of the 2014 Game Developers Choice Awards rec...

Wii U 2014 Gift Guide

5d ago | Article | GameCrate: "If you’re looking for the perfect gifts to give to the Nintendo enthusiasts in your life, we can help you choose from some of the best...

2014 in review: The year of local multiplayer

6d ago | Opinion piece | Polygon: "2014 was the best year for local multiplayer gaming since online multiplayer gaming be...
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