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Do Amiibo Dream?

5d ago - Jason says, "It’s a strange question to be sure: do amiibo dream? I know, there’s no way that’s... | Wii U

Who's the Gaming World Endorsing for Labour Leader? | Cubed Gamers

9d ago - The real question of this leadership content is who's best placed to get the floating Toad voters. | Culture

Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Does Mario Kart 8 Beat These Other Nintendo MK Games? We Think So

14d ago - MP writes: Mario Kart 8 has been out on Wii U for a little over a year now. Our office is still o... | Wii U

Nintendo Community Picture of the Day: Week 36

16d ago - Every day of the week, Mario Party Legacy presents community-produced Pictures of the Day! Be sur... | Wii U

A Defense Of Mario Kart 8's Unpopular Battle Mode

23d ago - Kotaku: "In video game years, Mario Kart 8 is already middle-aged yet remains virile. It maint... | Wii U

The 9 Best Party Video Games For All Ages

34d ago - Gamerant One of the best things about video games is the way that they bring people together.... | Culture

Four Mario Kart Clone Characters I’d Like To See

49d ago - "While I don’t doubt that they have their fans, the likes of Baby Rosalina, Metal Mario, Tanooki... | Wii U

Updated list of discounted Wii U exclusives feature Kirby & The Rainbow Curse, Mario Kart 8 and more

73d ago - An updated list of discounted Wii U exclusive games include Kirby & The Rainbow Curse (25% off to... | Wii U

Nintendo Has Now Become Part of the DLC Problem

79d ago - VGChartz's Evan Norris: "During the course of the eighth generation, Nintendo has made several qu... | Wii U

If Mario Kart 8 Wasn’t Already One Of Nintendo’s Best Games Ever—It Is Now

81d ago - NE: "There is something to be said for going for execution instead of a revolution. In more or le... | Wii U

Where next for Mario Kart 8?

86d ago - Following the recent release of Nintendo's splendid DLC for Mario Kart 8, Nintendo Feed's Darren... | Wii U

The Best and Worst of Mario Kart

92d ago - Ricedigital: Nintendo often gets criticised for releasing the ‘same games’ over and over again a... | GameCube

The Do’s and Don’ts of DLC: A Plea to Publishers

105d ago - Game Rant outlines five rules that publishers should follow to make DLC more successful and less... | Culture

The Nintendo Theme Park Rides We Want

108d ago - "Nintendo-Based attractions are going to be featured at Universal Theme parks in the future. What... | Wii U

The New Baby Park Is Missing The Crazy

120d ago - It might look fantastic, but the Mario Kart 8 version of Baby Park is missing the... | GameCube

Mario Kart 8 players have no clue what coins do (But it's great design anyway)

124d ago - Polygon: I’ve played many, many, many hours of Mario Kart 8, but it’s only recently that I learn... | Wii U

200cc mode in Mario Kart 8 is so fast it’s breaking some tracks

125d ago - Some of the Mario Kart 8 tracks can't handle the much faster 200cc speeds. | Wii U

Mario Kart 8 200cc Guide: Tips, Tricks & Vehicle Combinations

126d ago - A comprehensive guide detailing tips, trick and vehicle combinations for Mario Kart 8's 200cc mode. | Wii U

Top 10 Mario Kart 8 Tracks

128d ago - VGChartz's Evan Norris: "With the last eight tracks for Mario Kart 8 finally available for downlo... | Wii U


Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post

How To Become a 200cc Ace in Mario Kart 8

128d ago - 200cc is fast. Like, really fast. It’s the fastest Mario Kart has ever been, in fact, and that in... | Wii U

New Mario Kart 8 Track is Riddled with Easter Eggs

129d ago - On Friday Mario Kart 8 fans finally got to take on the 2nd major DLC for the couch co-op racer, t... | Wii U

Guide: Best Mario Kart 8 Combinations

129d ago - A comprehensive guide to the best Mario Kart 8 vehicle combinations. | Wii U

Did Mario Kart 8 ruin Battle Mode?

129d ago - NE: "For all of the fresh and welcome adjustments Mario Kart 8 brought to the series, there was o... | Wii U

Nintendo continues to nail DLC with Mario Kart 8

130d ago - Wii U Daily: "Nintendo continues to surprise me with how well they deliver add-ons to their games" | Wii U
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