Mario Kart 7 Reviews  

TLR: Mario Kart 7 Review

1195d ago - KJ of TLR Writes "With its memorable mechanics, newer stages and online functionality, Mario Kart... | Nintendo DS

SBG Review | Mario Kart 7: Living life on the open Rainbow Road

1197d ago - Graham Russell: "Mario Kart 7 is, in a very obvious way, a direct followup to Mario Kart Wii. It... | 3DS

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Mario Kart 7 Review [Nintendo Enthusiast]

1197d ago - Mario Kart 7 is not doing anything radically different or reinventing the formula. All it is is a... | GameCube

Mario Kart 7 Review [Capsule Computers]

1198d ago - Check out Capsule Computers' review of Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS. | 3DS

ZTGD | Mario Kart 7 Review

1198d ago - Ken McKown writes: It’s like clockwork. Every new Nintendo system inevitably sees another iterati... | 3DS

DigitalChumps - Mario Kart 7 Review

1198d ago - DigitalChumps - Mario Kart 7 is a strong follow-up in a series which has long straddled the line... | 3DS

Yahoo - Mario Kart 7 Review

1198d ago - Yahoo - With its all-star cast of beloved Nintendo personalities and rollercoaster circuits burst... | 3DS

Review: Mario Kart 7 - VGBlogger

1199d ago - VGBlogger writes: "Dinging Mario Kart 7 for its shortcomings is like complaining about a Big Mac... | 3DS

El33tonline Review: Mario Kart 7

1199d ago - El33tonline writes: "Another Nintendo console, another Mario Kart. Ever since the SNES this ha... | 3DS

Mario Kart 7 review [Nintendo Universe]

1199d ago - Nintendo Universe writes: Green Shells, Bob-ombs and slippery Banana Skins. There are a number... | 3DS

Review: Mario Kart 7 -

1199d ago - writes: "A new Nintendo system means a new Mario Kart game. That’s just how thi... | 3DS

Addicted-Gamers: Mario Kart 7 Review

1199d ago - Mario and the gang are back in Mario Kart 7. Is the series still entertaining or is its novelty b... | 3DS

GameJudgment - Review – Mario Kart 7 “The First Nintendo Game With Great Online Features”

1199d ago - Mario Kart 7 introduces a number of new features to Nintendo’s fan favourite kart racing franchis... | 3DS

Mario Kart 7 Review (ITF Gaming)

1199d ago - Welcome to the world of Kart Racing… Mario Style!!! Mario Kart 7 is the latest racing title to hi... | 3DS

8bitfix Review: Mario Kart 7

1200d ago - 8bitfix writes: The seventh installment in the highly popular Mario Kart series has made its very... | 3DS

Mario Kart 7 Review |

1200d ago - Mario Kart 7 is a racing video game in the Mario Kart series. The game is developed by Nintendo E... | 3DS

Mario Kart 7 Review |

1200d ago - Carl B. of writes, "There's no doubt that Nintendo has milked Mario brand name for... | 3DS

USAT Review | 'Mario Kart 7' a fun but familiar racer

1200d ago - Creating sequels for popular video games can be tricky: On one hand you don't want to mess too mu... | 3DS

Mario Kart 7 Review (Hooked Gamers)

1200d ago - HG writes: "The finish line is so close. Every turn, every boost, every shortcut executed flawles... | 3DS

Hubpages: Mario Kart 7 3DS Review

1201d ago - While Mario Kart 7 sticks to traditional gameplay, it provides plenty of new tracks, a revamped c... | 3DS

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Review: Mario Kart 7 (3DS) - BnBGaming

1201d ago - Mario & Co. are back for more racing fun. Does Mario Kart 7 take pole position? Read our full rev... | 3DS

PixlBit's Mario Kart 7 Review

1202d ago - PixlBit | "After seven entries, it's perfectly understandable to start feeling the fatigue of any... | 3DS

Mario Kart 7 review (HonestGamers)

1202d ago - Jason Venter writes: "Mario Kart games have been headed in a cheap direction for awhile now, but... | 3DS

Mario Kart 7 Review | PALGN

1203d ago - Though the running and jumping platforming antics of Super Mario 3D Land were more than well rece... | 3DS

MediaKick Review: Mario Kart 7

1203d ago - MediaKick: "When new Nintendo hardware hits the market, you are guaranteed a few things. One of t... | 3DS

Mario Kart 7

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Release Dates
3DS Release Dates
AU December 2011
JP December 2011
US 04 December 2011
EU 02 December 2011