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What's In A Game - Narrative and Player Choice

18d ago - Michael at Gamer Professionals finds a connection between a strong narrative and player choice, a... | Culture

New Amiibo Batch with New Functionalities (maybe)

29d ago - Drama is afoot on the internet, specifically in Nintendo communities; Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash h... | Wii U

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Seven Deadly Fanfiction Sins

30d ago - GamersFTW writes - The world of is a bizarre place. On one hand, it’s filled with... | Culture

Refugee Mario: Mario as a Syrian Migrant

59d ago - The video is a trending hot topic with thousands of people watching it over YouTube and Social Ne... | Culture

Refugee Mario uses popular medium to explain the Syrian refugee crisis

73d ago - Matt Ferguson of G4@Syfygames writes "In response to the refugee crisis that has been reaching a... | Culture

Searching for ‘Super Mario Bros.’ on Google reveals new Easter egg

74d ago - Google has a history of celebrating special events and anniversaries by sneaking secrets into its... | Industry

Nintendo Voice Chat: Celebrating Super Mario Bros.

86d ago - IGN's Nintendo show returns with a special guest! Last week, USGamer's Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Par... | Culture

This Week in Gaming History: Do the Mario

87d ago - This week we "celebrate" the anniversary debut of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, the first pos... | Culture

Unreal Engine 4 - New Demo Lets You Control Mario, Sonic, Link & Kirby In NVIDIA's PhysX Flex Map

119d ago - After releasing a number of videos, showcasing various characters in Unreal Engine 4, CryZENx dec... | PC

5 Classic Games That Can Stand Up To Modern Competitors

121d ago - It’s hard to decide what makes a good game but what makes a game that is still great 10+ years af... | PC

Mario Mario: Here We Go

226d ago - Part 1 of an ongoing project to dissect the VERY FABRIC of our beloved Mario's history, going bey... | Retro

LMC's Gaming Memories: The Worst Videogame I Ever Played

241d ago - What is the worst videogame you have ever played? Three members of the LMC team look back with a... | GameCube

Uncharted 4 Delay Is Good? Sonic in Rehab? – Twinfinite Discusses

251d ago - Another week, another Twinfinite Discusses. Welcome back to the show where we answer the question... | PC

Video Game Characters Transformed into Fruits and Veggies

294d ago - Gaming and Health put together is a fun marriage in itself to get healthy in a fun way, but what... | Culture

Mario's 18 Greatest: Ranking the Mario Games

308d ago - We've done the impossibe: we ranked every main Mario game from best to worst! Here are Mario's 18... | GameCube

Mario Lives! Nintendo icon endowed with artificial intelligence by German students

311d ago - Students at Germany's University of Tubingen have created a programme that gives Nintendo's iconi... | Culture

The Terrifying Scientific Implications of the Mario Universe

372d ago - The Mario Universe sure seems like it's all fun, games, and kidnapping. But in terms of physics,... | GameCube

Spin-offs in Gaming

374d ago - An article on various spin-off titles in gaming and such. | Industry

Shawn’s Top 5 Video Game Things To Do Before Dying

416d ago - Many people have a bucket list, things to do before dying. However Shawn can’t say he has ever se... | Industry

The Endless Debate: Sonic or Mario

417d ago - MONG writes: "The Endless Debate series continues! This week, Harry and Mike tackle the question... | Culture

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Bad Fanfiction Theatre: Super Left 4 Dead Bros.

421d ago - Inspired by the works of BennettTheSage, Anifile has a brand new show entitled Bad Fanfiction The... | Culture

9 Most Iconic Costumes In Video Game History

493d ago - Gaming is home to some of the niftiest get-up around - its classic heroes synonymous with a range... | Culture

The 10 Levels We’re All Going To Create In Mario Maker

501d ago - First rumoured days before Nintendo’s Digital Event, Mario Maker was eventually revealed to show... | Wii U

Mario Increasing Mercedes-Benz GLA Demand in Japan with a Steady Stream of Interested Customers

501d ago - Twinfinite: I don’t know who came up with the idea of this partnership between Mario and Mercedes... | Culture

[Around the Water Cooler] 2D vs. 3D Mario

506d ago - The first episode of Around the Water Cooler takes a look at the 2D and 3D Mario games. | GameCube
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