Dev of the Day : Robin Arnott
  At a Glance: Robin Arnott & SoundSelf

Robin Arnott is an audio designer and interactive artist best know for "that creepy gas mask game", Deep Sea and "that chanting game," SoundSelf. H...

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Pressurecast Episode 18: Ground Zeroes And Super Heroes

125d ago - inFamous: Second Son and Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes get discussed before we dive into GDC 201... | Xbox 360

"It's a Great Time" To Own An Xbox One And It's Only Going To Get Better, Says Outgoing MS Executive

125d ago - Xbox One functionality revealed so far is just the tip of the iceberg, former executive Marc Whit... | Xbox One

Xbox One's First Big Update Will Address 'The Live Experience,' Expect Streaming Before E3

200d ago - Engadget writes: "Based on our conversation with Whitten, it sounds like those Live fixes are com... | Xbox One

Marc Whitten: Xbox One’s Launch Graphics “Just the Beginning;” Evades Question on Power Gap with PS4

247d ago - Xbox Corporate Vice President Marc Whitten feels that the graphics of games like Forza Motorsport... | PS4

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Xbox One Comprehensive All-In-One Demo By Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten

262d ago - Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi, and Corporate Vice President of Xbo... | Xbox One

New Xbox One Details: Achievement Pop Up Colour Changable And How to Snap Apps Without Using Voice

282d ago - Recently Xbox fans got to know what an Xbox One Achievement looks like. Today Marc Whitten, Corpo... | Xbox One

New Xbox One Details: Day One Patch Size, Rechargeable Battery for Xbox One Controller and More

299d ago - Last session of IGN's AMA with Microsoft's Marc Whitten is out. As usual the topic of discussion... | Xbox One

New Xbox One Details: BackGround Patch Download, GamerTags, SmartGlass Multitasking Feature and More

307d ago - Some new Xbox One details revealed by Microsoft's Marc Whitten. The details are related to Xbox S... | Xbox One

Xbox One allows families to share Live Gold status on one console with Home Gold

352d ago - PG:While originally discussed at the May launch event and again at E3, Microsoft hasn't provided... | Xbox One

IGN's Ask Microsoft Anything About Xbox One

356d ago - Answers on Microsoft's new console, straight from the horse's mouth | Xbox One

MNR 486: Marc Whitten updates us on the progress of Xbox One

359d ago - Major Nelson interviews Marc Whitten on this weeks podcast. | Xbox 360

Microsoft wants everyone to make games (or apps) for Xbox One (interview)

367d ago - GamesBeat spoke with Microsoft corporate vice president of Xbox Marc Whitten, who explained that... | Xbox One

Xbox One's ability to play in-development code has Minecraft-esque implications for gamers

368d ago - Engadget: "Beyond benefitting indie devs, Whitten spoke to the implications of retail consoles ru... | Xbox One

Xbox One message could’ve been “more open, complete,” some features may return

379d ago - Xbox corporate vice-president Marc Whitten has said if Microsoft could go back to when Xbox One w... | Xbox One

Xbox One Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten Discusses Microsoft's Reversal

403d ago - Following today's big announcement that Microsoft has changed its mind on used game restrictions... | Xbox One

Windows' role at the core of Microsoft's Xbox One

432d ago - Microsoft's Xbox One home-entertainment console has three operating systems at its core, company... | Xbox One

Interview With Xbox One's Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten

432d ago - Game Informer visited Microsoft's campus weeks ago for an early look at the next Xbox console. Th... | Culture

Whitten: Xbox One powered by "rocket-science level stuff"

432d ago - Microsoft's Marc Whitten details the inner workings of Xbox One while confirming USB 3.0, Blu-ray... | Xbox 360

A Letter from Marc Whitten: 10 Years of Xbox

984d ago - Gamertag Radio writes: "An email from Xbox Live general manager Marc Whitten sent to current and... | Xbox
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