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Gaming PR: ManagaGamer Announces Addition of Ecchi Mery and The Perils of the Cosmic Shrine [NSFW]

70d ago - MangaGamer have announced a new H-RPG called Ecchi Mery and the Perils of the Cosmic Shrine. | PC

Manga Gamer is Asking You Which Games to Localize Next

158d ago - Localization company Mangagamer is conducting a survey wanting fan input on what games to localiz... | PC


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Tell MangaGamer What Visual Novels You’d Like To See Localized

161d ago - MangaGamer have put up a survey asking fans what visual novels they’d like to see localized by th... | PC

Who Is MangaGamer?

269d ago - Over the past few years, MangaGamer have quickly grown from a no-name company to a publisher of r... | Industry

Chou Dengeki Stryker Hits Steam; Discounted By 45%

285d ago - "The all-ages version of MangaGamer’s Cho Dengeki Stryker is out on Steam. The game normally cost... | PC

[NSFW] MangaGamer Announce Acquisition of Lupiesoft’s The Menagerie

336d ago - After Lupiesoft and Sekai Project announced a partnership to bring Lupiesoft’s Kickstarted visual... | PC

A Brief Sojourn to Japan: Games, Visual Novels, Games

527d ago - Mike Geib takes a brief trip to Japan, visits Akihabara, and wonders on the visual novel and its... | PC

MangaGamer Considering Crowdfunding For Visual Novel Localizations

560d ago - MangaGamer producer and Overdrive president Hiroshi “Bamboo” Takeuchi, says that he would like to... | PC

MangaGamer Announce Addition Of Laxius Force 3 To Their Line-Up

720d ago - The Otaku's Study: ''MangaGamer have today sent out a brief announcement confirming the addition... | PC

MangaGamer to Implement New Always on DRM

833d ago - MangaGamer has announced they will adopt a new DRM system. | PC

MangaGamer Holding Holiday Discount Sale Across Entire Catalogue

929d ago - MangaGamer are holding a holiday sale across their entire catalogue of games, including both all-... | PC

Minori Places Ef - The Latter Tale On Hold

969d ago - Earlier today, MangaGamer revealed that the localization of ef's second story will be placed on h... | PC

MangaGamer Places “Go Go Nippon” on Steam Greenlight

1032d ago - You can now vote for MangaGamer’s “Go Go Nippon” on Steam Greenlight! [Inside AX] | PC

A Group of No Name Losers

1095d ago - With MangaGamer finally revealing the release date of ef - the first tale, Twinfinite looks at th... | PC

MangaGamer's Deardrops Release - Trial Information, Game Information and Character Profiles

1282d ago - The 18+ release of DEARDROPS by MangaGamer is due for release in Q1 2012, until then get up to sp... | PC

My Girlfriend is the President - Game Information and Character Profiles

1282d ago - With JAST USA having just released My Girlfriend is the President, this article looks at the game... | PC

MangaGamer Invites AKABEiSOFT, Debonosu Works, Clochette to AX 2011

1491d ago - iAX: "MangaGamer has announced that three more companies, AKABEiSOFT, Debonsu Works and Clochette... | Culture

MangaGamer Announces Circus, Nexton and OVERDRIVE for Anime Expo 2011

1498d ago - iAX: "Longtime friend of the site and convention, MangaGamer announced earlier today that the bis... | Culture

Bamboo’s Three Essential Points for Bishoujo Success Overseas

1506d ago - iAX: "For people who may not frequently visit MangaGamer’s forums, OVERDRIVE CEO Bamboo recently... | PC

VN Insider: How Visual Novels Can Break Into the West

1513d ago - iAX: "There are certain mediums of storytelling that have done pretty well in the United States,... | Nintendo DS

Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

iAX: MangaGamer Announces “Kotori Love ExP”

1554d ago - For anyone who can’t get enough Da Capo, English visual novel publisher MangaGamer recently annou... | PC

MangaGamer Hints at Future Titles, Hard Copes of Da Capo for AX

1563d ago - iAX: "With the recent releases of Guilty ~the SiN~ and Koihime Musou this year, MangaGamer has be... | PC

MangaGamer Contributing To Japan Earthquake Relief, Too

1567d ago - Like several other game publishers, MangaGamer have their roots in Japan, too, in the form of par... | Culture

Buy a Visual Novel, Help Japan

1569d ago - iAX: "In effort to help out the citizens affected by the Sendai Earthquake in Japan, MangaGamer,... | Industry

MangaGamer Acquires Zaishuu, Guilty -the Sin- License

1794d ago - GameZone: "In response to the growing number of complaints that European game-publisher MangaGame... | PC
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