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Candy Crush Crushing Your Android

296d ago ... We've been getting some complaints that while users are browsing on their mobiles the play store opens and prompts them for a download of Candy Crush Saga. We took this problem to our advertising partner because we thought it likely there was a problem with one of the ads being run on N4G. The conclusion is that this is not a problem caused by N4G, NewsBoiler or the ads currently running...

Are we being lied to? (Again?)

381d ago ... Ah E3, that special time of year when boys and girls gather around the interwebs to have their eyes and ears filled with the wonderful and magical sounds and sights of limbs exploding off into space and animated boobs that jiggle in real time physics calculations. Yes, its that time where new games are unveiled like the glorious dawn of a new spring day, titles that sound foreign and strange...

Win a Copy of Malicious! [contest ended]

682d ago ... Malicious has arrived in NA, and here's your chance to land a copy - for free! SCEA has kindly provided us with 25 codes, and we'll get them to you in time for the long weekend! To enter: 1) Change your avatar to an image of or from the game 2) Comment on this blog post - only one entry per user counts! 3) Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via N4G contest ticket Entry period...

PSN is down *Humor* (a try, at best)

1174d ago ... The recent gaming related news is all about the PSN being down. Some rejoice, some debate compensation and others claim it wasnt their fault. So, who is to blame?! Sony, hackers or the Easter bunny?! I say… kill the $%#&ing rabbit!!! Thats right guys! I know who the culprit is and I captured him while attempting to leave a malicious egg on my house! Im gonna find out how he did it and who he...
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