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In 'The Division,' stealing stuff is just one piece of the endgame

18h ago - Mashable: Between the lawless Dark Zone and as-yet-unannounced high-level challenges, 'The Divis... | Magnus Jansen

Tom Clancy's Massive Project brings the DarkZone amid The Division in Manhattan

10d ago - If it were possible to measure hype and anticipation, it's easy to imagine Tom Clancy's The Divis... | PC

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Ubisoft Massive: PC Is Incredibly Important To Us, It's Something That We Care About

15d ago - Ubisoft Massive's Magnus Jansén talked about the PC version of The Division, which has received e... | PC

“A Matter Of Pride” – Massive Talk PC Development, And The Setting And Structure Of The Division

15d ago - "Last week, I spent a few hours playing The Division in Malmö, hometown of developers Ubisoft Mas... | PC

The Division: Breaking Down the Basics

16d ago - by Matt Cabral, Contributor Posted on January 20 We’re extremely excited by all of the prospects... | Xbox One

What's the deal with The Division's microtransactions?

21d ago - Eurogamer: Since Ubisoft revealed The Division back at E3 in 2013, there have been plenty of qu... | PC

The Division Interview: "We're not holding anything back."

22d ago - Gamespot: Ubisoft Massive is striving to build an RPG-shooter that's bold with new ideas yet as... | PC

Interview: Creative Director Magnus Jansen On Why The Division Isn't More Conventional

23d ago - From GameCrate: In this exclusive interview, the Creative Director of The Division, Magnus Jansen... | PC

The Division’s level cap, solo play, hard mode, loot and free updates laid bare

23d ago - VG247: All the questions you want to ask about new open-world shooter The Division. On the surfa... | Magnus Jansen

The Division Creative Director Talks Design Philosophy, Dark Zone

23d ago - HCG: During our time with The Division last week, we had the opportunity to pick the brain of Ma... | Magnus Jansen

Tom Clancy's The Division Hands On Impressions and Developer Interview (Gamertag Radio)

23d ago - Gamertag Radio writes: Parris and Peter head to Los Angeles for some hands on with Ubisofts newes... | PC

GameTrailers: Far Cry 3 - Team Play Interview (Video)

1403d ago - Play together to score team points and call in the big guns in Far Cry 3's multiplayer. | PC
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