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  • Fun and intense multiplayer gameplay{Maps have strategic value{Objectives add to strategy
  • Not enough maps{Repetitive game modes

Does the PS3's Massive Action Multiplayer Game Succeed?

Announced a while back at one of Sony's E3 conferences, MAG was plagued with mixed impressions. As it progressed, a few aspects of the game were strongly criticized and when the beta rolled around, PS3 fans also found themselves having mixed feelings towards this multiplayer shooter. Now that I have the copy in my hands, I'll try and give you the most unbiased review I can without creating much of a wall of text.

First and foremost, MAG's graphics are nothing to marvel at. Nothing amazing, but gets the job done. The sky seems grainy, and the horizon lacks polishing. Sometimes the shadows can become a hassle in Raven's sabotage map, but not as much as it was in the beta.

As far as gameplay is concerned, this is where a lot of gamers are either put off or get addicted. KTD ratio here really comes into play, if you kill one enemy for every death, you will think MAG is a kill/spawn game, and that's not the case if you can hold your own. On top of that, if you aren't much of a killer, you can specialize in field support and heal teammates for twice the same amount of xp as you get for killing an enemy. Some argue that the battles are too chaotic, but the truth of the matter is that the objectives in Domination maps make the game extremely organized, and things only get choatic if your side is geting heavily pinned by the opposing forces. On the other hand, sometimes the objectives can get repetitive, you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again if you play the same mode more than one or two times.

Now on to MAG's sound. Some weapons sound like popcorn, and other sounds can come across as unrealistic, but nothing too major and you'll barely notice it.

MAG is another one of those games that doesn't appeal to all. It's also a game that one can easily dislike based on a few simple flaws. Bottom line is, MAG has a niche fanbase, and the audience it has captured is the complete opposite of the audience you would find in your typical and popular FPS shooter. It's a good game, my only real grief is that it was $60 and didn't come bundled with a headset.

MAG's gameplay is very strategic, the objectives keep the squads and battle in order in what may seem like a 256 player bloodbath. However, sometimes your own objectives can become repetitive.
MAG's graphics are indeed lacking, but are not the worst you can see this gen.
MAG's sound is decent, but some weapons sound unrealistic. However, the music is top-notch.
Fun Factor
MAG is very fun, and it manages to keep that flow for the most part of the game.
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