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Game Design In the House of Grind

1284d ago - Do the guts and sex of grindhouse games undermine the argument for games as an art form? Or do th... | GameCube

Top 10 Best Video Game Takedowns

1402d ago - Cinematic takedowns are relatively new to video games, only having gained popularity over the las... | PC

Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

Doldrums of Summer: The Top Ten Best Games To Finally Get Around To

1451d ago - Out of the plethora of games you've undoubtedly left in your back log, here are a few you should... | Wii

Top 10 Games that No One Played

1454d ago - PolyPwn's top 10 greatest games that were overwhelmingly (and undeservedly) overlooked. | GameCube

Ten Most Creative Video Game Logos

1463d ago - Video games as art may be a debatable subject, but even game logos themselves can be expressed ar... | PS2

GamerLive.TV - Top Five Modern Game Soundtracks

1481d ago - GamerLive.TV takes a look at the five best soundtracks of the current generation of gaming. Did y... | Culture

The 10 biggest violent video-game controversies

1482d ago - This week's ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that a California law banning the sale of violent vi... | Culture

Wii Gaming For $10 or Less

1546d ago - We know you're pressed for time, so GoozerNation is back with some more great game deals for your... | Wii

5 Games that prove the Wii can be mature

1569d ago - The Wii is often criticized for not having enough mature games. These people are simply not corre... | Wii

Why SEGA should stick with PlatinumGames

1575d ago - SEGAbits: "The closure of Clover Studio several years back was a sad day for the gaming industry,... | Wii

Mayhem: the MadWorld of driving games?

1584d ago - Of course, anyone who has played a demolition derby game over the past decade will be instantly f... | Xbox 360

Show off your console (

1584d ago - Buying a gaming console is one of life's little pleasures, but you'll need to get these games if... | Wii

Character Showdown: Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes) vs. Jack Cayman (MadWorld)

1588d ago - Which is the better character between Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes and Jack Cayman from M... | Wii

Top Five Wii Games That Would Be Perfect for PlayStation Move

1596d ago - The PlayStation Move library is pretty small and desperately needs more content. With the recent... | Wii

15 must play Wii games that aren't Mario

1603d ago - This list won’t include Mario games, Zelda, Kirby, or Donkey Kong. You already know to play those... | Wii

25 Must-Play Wii Games You May Have Overlooked: 5-1

1608d ago - Countless Nintendo Wii games go ignored constantly despite being worthy additions to any gamer's... | Wii

Bulletstorm and MadWorld: A match made in Hell

1639d ago - Bitmob: I know this guy who I swear is the crudest, most obnoxious person on the planet. While I... | PC

MadWorld Could Have 'Possibly' Done Better on Xbox 360 or PS3, Admits Sega

1688d ago - Though MadWorld was praised by critics for taking such a bold step in art direction and game desi... | Wii

Is the Wii a victim of its own success?

1698d ago - Wii sales have been dropping like rocks. Everyone who wanted a Wii has one already. Nintendo's su... | Wii

Platinum Games: Atsushi Inaba Interview

1759d ago - NowGamer interviews Platinum Games producer Atsushi Inaba about its new cover-shooter Vanquish, t... | Xbox 360

Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post

Attention Seeking

1835d ago - Special editions are becoming ever more extravagant, but you should see the press kits. Edge meet... | Industry

GamerTVNetwork: Defining hardcore

1836d ago - Hardcore gaming: it's a term that's heard a lot these days. Such-and-such game is hardcore, suc... | PC

Great Underrated Games this Generation

1836d ago - Run out of AAA titles to play this summer? How about finding some cheap, underrated games to play... | Wii

Why SEGA Doesn't Suck

1837d ago - staff writer Zack Chase writes on why you should give SEGA a second chance. | Wii

Ten controversial and violent games (

1844d ago - "Violent games are available on almost every platform, from the Atari to Xbox 360. But some title... | Culture


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