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User Review : Madden 25

  • Run Free
  • Madden Ultimate Team
  • Connected Franchise
  • Defense play in general
  • WR/DB interaction
  • No Created Player OTP

Madden NFL 25: Hits The Mark Just Not The Bulls-eye

Madden 25 is one of those games that you love to hate, or hate to love. There is no denying that the Madden Franchise has failed, but they have also had some great additions to the game.
There is such a vast improvement on the offensive side of the ball this year with the all new "Run Free" emphases that gives you total control running the ball. I do feel however defense is lacking with defensive coverage being the worst, and this alone can make the game at times very frustrating to play.
I do hold out hope some of these issues can be fixed with tuner updates.

I do feel like EA SPORTS had the right intentions with the additions, but came up a little short to what I was anticipating for the full game when it came to both sides of the ball.

The Good:
1.) The Infinity Engine 2.0 physics, and new foot planting mechanics that allow Run Free in MaddenNFL25 is the best addition to Madden since the Hit Stick
2.) The New Connected Franchise Mode is by far the best this Generation Console has seen, and sadly it was it's last.
Better late than never!
3.) Madden Ultimate Team nothing but good things about this mode, and new face lift. The Reward system that is in place that gives you coins for previous Madden NFL games played is a very nice touch.

The Bad:
1.) Defense, defense, defense... I see to often when you take control of a player he slows down, or seems to stiff, and unresponsive to command that it makes playing against even the cpu a crap shoot.
2.) Zone coverage needs a lot of help.
3.) A lot of minor stuff like Fantasy Draft takes to long, WR/DB interaction is better, but still needs help.

Why Not?:
1.) Why have we not gotten to the point of being able to play with a created player online like NHL, FIFA, and even NBA 2K. I get to play with Romo, Brady and whoever else all the time, it's time to allow created players for Online Team Play.
2.) I would recommend looking into adding more defensive strategy to tell players to not just watch the outside or play inside coverage, but watch certain passes in general.

Well with all that could be and still can be improved upon I do believe this is the best Madden to date during this gen. There is always room for improvement, and Madden has continued to improve every year, but not as fast as we would have liked. Overall game play is fun, and enjoyable, but defense is not where it needs to be in my opinion.

Graphics look to be maxed out, and ready for the next Gen
Stadium sounds added to this year are nice, but the overall game/player sounds just seem flat.
Game play seems to be improved in some areas, and lacking in others (Defense)
Fun Factor
With the Run Free campaign heading up the franchise, running the ball has never been so fun!
Online play to me really lacks with games seeming to lag, and the lack of created player OTP like NHL, FIFA and others. I do like the new online match up system that is in place that helps gamers play gamers of their own level.
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