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User Review : Madden 25

  • Madden Share
  • Owner Mode
  • Gamplay feels alot better
  • Overpowered offense
  • Lack of defensive awareness or reaction to plays
  • Sluggish Menu's

Some refreshing additions ,but a game that could use some tweaks

After playing Madden 25 for a bit I am happy to see that the graphics are where they should be on the current console. Being able to use custom playbooks in online CC mode and in online ranked games is something that I am really enjoying as well. This year it seems that many of the problems from last year were addressed and are no longer present gameplay wise (keep in mind I play online only).
The addition of Run Free is very nice as well as the blocking receiving much needed attention running has been alot more fun for me than ever before ,with that being said the offense is very overpowered in this years version of Madden. You may find yourself setting in the pocket for 4-5 seconds while facing a 4 man rush many times which is fun while you on offense ,when your on defense it is a headache as it seems that players in a zone will watch the opponent run right through there zone with little to no reaction to the player in there zone, while in man coverage there is so much time for your opponent to throw the ball that the coverage simply breaks down. While i'm glad that the blocking received a much needed overhaul ,it is also overpowering elite pass rushers seems to get little to no pressure in a base 4-3 defense and you it really does not matter to much who your running back is ,they will gain alot of yardage more times than not. The defense just can't keep up with the offense in this years version so in many cases while playing a friend or online ranked you the game may end up being a score fest with no defense as the defensive players just do not react to the plays like they should.

I am a defensive guy who like to play defense and watching the other defenders have little to reaction to manyy plays is very disappointing. With that said EA has done a great job with the sliders in communitiesand online CC mode so if those are tweaked some it does become alot more fun and has for me and many friends of mine as well as the leagues I play in so you can get the sliders to create a more realistic feeling gameplay experience. I only wish these sliders could be used in ranked online games as I love playing ranked and after using the sliders we have set ,it is a different game online.

The addition of owner mode is a very nice addition you can relocate your team rebuild stadiums set prices and try to keep your fans happy which in online CC mode gives you more to you can do while waiting for your league to advance and it has been alot of fun (this applies to offline as well).

Being the online player that I am ,the toughest thing is going from what seems to be a more realistic slider set to an offensive scoring fest where the defense needs to be more aware when I plat ranked.

I do like the sharing options as well it is nice if you want to create an all-time team using Madden Share you can ,you may also share these files with your friends the same goes for custom playbooks as well. If you are in need of a custom roster or playbook you will find many created by users that you may download which is a very nice option for the users who may not have the time to create a playbook or roster.

All in all there are many great options added to this game that gives it a breath of fresh air the main thing for me is that the defense seems to almost non-existant which is very huge for me.
If you can grab some sliders using Madden Share and do not play ranked than its alot of fun ,if you are ranked player only than it may a frustrating experience for you.

I am really happy with graphics so far , they do look alot better than last years edition.
I am still wanting to hear the hits more ,as well as better commentary. The commentary seems to be off at times. The crowd noise is still not something that makes me feel like in the game.
It feels good playing ,but playing online it seems to have a delay at times when trying to click on a wideout or snag an interception at times. Overall feels alot better than last year.
Fun Factor
I give this a high score due to EA placing the ability to change sliders in online CC mode and community games ,if it was not for that this score would be much lower as the defense is just not there.You will have alot of fun with many options in the game overall.
If the defense and blocking were not so overpowering ,I would have given this a 10! Within my circles these are the only problems we have (as myself) with this years game , I did give it a 7 due to being able to make it more realistic using the sliders though.
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