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Madden 13

- PS3

I really, really love the fall. Crock pot meals (like chili and beef stew), the cooler weather (I was not cut out for 100 degree + high humidity), the kids start school again (okay, my wife's probably more excited for that one than I am) and... oh yes, the NFL kicked off last night. I am a huge fan of the National Football League and have been since Barry Sanders was making defense players...



Madden 13

- Xbox 360

Every year we get a new Madden, and every year players are disappointed in the lack of progress by the franchise. This time, however, it’s a much different story. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that Madden 13 is perfect, so don’t expect yet another sparkling review from a football fan and Madden purest. This game, like any other, has some flaws. The most prominent of which is a se...

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Madden 13

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