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Just The Tips: ModNation Racers and Madagascar Karts

1511d ago - murry2011 writes "This section will be highlighting easy trophies keeping you up to date with gam... | PS3

PSFocus: Madagascar Kartz Review

1590d ago - PSFocus writes: "Mario Kart is great success story and others to appear soon a piece to ride... | 1,2,3

Spaziogames Review: Madagascar Kartz (NDS)

1679d ago - Spaziogames: Many gamers consider Super Mario Kart the true progenitor of a sub-genre within the... | 5

XGN: Madagascar Kartz (Wii) Review

1682d ago - XGN writes: "The Mario Kart franchise will have fun for many years and for good comes to any... | 3

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GamesRadar: Madagascar Kartz Review

1716d ago - Hello, and welcome to the Automated Game Tie-In Development Program. Please obey the following in... | 2

WTP Review: Madagascar Kartz

1722d ago - WTP writes: "Madagascar Kartz is a slapstick racing game featuring characters from the two M... | 1,2,3

Madagascar Kartz Review at CheatCC

1724d ago - CheatCC says, "Madagascar Katz is a perfectly solid kart racer, and it is definitely not the... | 1,2

CSM: Madagascar Kartz Review

1727d ago - CSM: "Anyone who has played the Mario Kart games will know exactly what they're in for... | 2

IGN: Madagascar Kartz DS Review

1728d ago - Because the designers don't really do anything new, exciting or original for Madagascar Kartz, th... | 5

IGN: Madagascar Kartz Review

1728d ago - The one big problem: there's no online component. At all. This is a multi-console game for the 36... | 3

Trophy List Madagascar Kartz Revealed

1732d ago - PS3-Sense Writes: "Today, the trophy list of Madagascar Kartz has been revealed to the big p... | 1

Retail Scoop: New Releases Week of October 27, 2009

1734d ago - In affiliation with, TripleChat is happy to bring you the new releases each week for t... | 1,4,9

Madagascar Kartz Release Date Confirmed

1743d ago - Activision Publishing has confirmed that DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc.'s Madagascar Kartz videog... | 1,2,3,5

Activision announces Madagascar Kartz - Info & screens

1750d ago - Activision today announced that DreamWorks Animation's Madagascar Kartz video game will be releas... | 1,2,3,5

Madagascar Kartz's Video Game Hits Stores This Month

1750d ago - "Activision announced today that DreamWorks Animation SKG's Madagascar Kartz video game wil... | 1,2

Activision-Blizzard Updated Release Schedule

1754d ago - Activision-Blizzard have today released an updated release schedule for their autumn/winter line-... | 1,2,3,4,5,9,12,13

Madagascar Kartz Achievements

1761d ago - has just published the achievement list for Madagascar Kartz. The game feature... | 2
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Madagascar Kartz

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Release Dates
Nintendo DS Release Dates
US 27 October 2009
EU 06 November 2009
PS3 Release Dates
US 27 October 2009
EU 06 November 2009
Wii Release Dates
US 27 October 2009
EU 06 November 2009
AU 26 December 2009
Xbox 360 Release Dates
US 27 October 2009
EU 06 November 2009