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Machinarium Reviews  

Machinarium | Flashback Review | GeekedOutNation

253d ago - This first thing you will notice about Machinarium is just how absolutely beautiful the game is.... | PC

Machinarium Review PlayStation 3 - Gamer Chatter

543d ago - Machinarium is the brainchild of Amanita Design, an incredibly small Czech developer that specia... | PC

Gamers@Play Machinarium Review

677d ago - A whole new point ‘n’ click adventure Introduction: Machinarium was developed by Amanita de... | PC

Machinarium Review -

865d ago - Robots are cool! Some have death rays and machine guns for arms. Others have superhuman strength... | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

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Machinarium - Review (aylives)

1006d ago - So today I’ll be reviewing Machinarium, one of the best looking point-n-click adventures games yo... | PC

A Look Back: Machinarium (PC) Review [Triple Entente Radio]

1178d ago - Romel Ramos – A point and click adventure, Machinarium is a puzzler set in a futuristic robot wor... | PC

Machinarium: Collector's Edition Review - Alternative Magazine Online

1410d ago - If you still haven’t played last year’s surprise indie point ‘n’ click success Machinarium, shame... | PC

Game Vortex: Machinarium Review

1505d ago - Game vortex writes: "I am glad that I agreed to play Machinarium. It isn't often that I get to ex... | PC

Gameolio PC Review: Machinarium

1516d ago - IdiotCat, from Gameolio, writes: "In the first few seconds of the game I was absolutely blown... | PC

NXT Gamer: Machinarium Review

1551d ago - Indie games are one of my favorite genres for a reason, and that reason is they often are somethi... | 12

SquareGo: Machinarium Review

1553d ago - SquareGo writes: "Imagine an idyllic, unhurried childhood, full of curiosity and quiet... | 12

NZGamer: Machinarium Review

1559d ago - NZGamer writes: "I'm kind of in love with Machinarium. That really sets the tone for th... | 12

Gamer Euphoria: Machinarium Review

1598d ago - Congratulations, Amanita Design, you have successfully created a point-and-click adventure game t... | 12

The Escapist Review: Machinarium

1625d ago - The Escapist writes: "Have you ever had a game that you really, really wanted to like, but j... | 12

InsideGamer: Machinarium Review

1647d ago - IG writes: "Through the years, the growing fear that my love for point-and-click adventures... | 12

ApertureGames: Machinarium Review

1651d ago - ApertureGames writes: "Releasing old classic adventure games to a new generation of gamers h... | 12

Machinarium (Review) at Pixel Perfect Gaming

1654d ago - PPG writes: "Imagine a world built of steal and dominated by Artificial Intelligence. Machin... | 12

GameShark: Machinarium Review

1660d ago - Aside from the lameness of the tutorial minigame and the occasional obtuse puzzle, this is indie... | 12

Level7 Review: Machinarium

1662d ago - Level7: Machinarium is an indie-adventure of the old school and was developed by Amanita Design.... | 12

Kotaku: Machinarium Review

1676d ago - The adventure game isn't dead. And it doesn't have to be cartoony and episodic to be relevant, ei... | 12

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ActionTrip: Machinarium Review

1681d ago - If it weren't for certain gameplay mishaps, the game would've got more attention altogether. Disr... | 12

Nidzumi: Machinarium Review

1684d ago - Nidzumi writes: "The chances are, that like me, you've been bored and had access to the inte... | 12

Gamervision: Machinarium Review

1687d ago - Gamervision writes: "When Machinarium was released almost two months ago, I thought it looke... | 12

3djuegos Review: Machinarium

1687d ago - 3djuegos: Machinarium already among us, one of the most justly anticipated adventure games of 200... | 12

TNL: Machinarium Review

1694d ago - Back in 1996, an upstart developer released a game called The Neverhood. It wasn't a big hit, and... | 12
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