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Kids Reacting To Old Computers Hurts My Heart So Much

148d ago - Kids today, with their graphical user interfaces and high DPI mice. Why, when I was their age I w... | PC

The Last Federation First Expansion, Betrayed Hope - Summer 2014

155d ago - Arcen Games: "The next chapter in The Last Federation's saga. If you're familiar with the expans... | PC

The Last Federation Out Today, 25% Off During Launch Week

186d ago - Arcen Games: "Arcen Games is proud to announce The Last Federation launches today for Windows PC,... | PC

TLF Video: Watch Lead Dev Chris Get Repeatedly Smashed By Hard Mode

186d ago - Arcen Games: "From the creators of AI War: Fleet Command comes The Last Federation -- an all-new... | PC

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Hack ‘N Slash; Learning how to hack

199d ago - Hack ‘N Slash in development at the esteemed game studio Double Fine, the core gameplay of this t... | PC

TLF Alpha Update - Combat Becomes WeGo Turn-Based

207d ago - Arcen Games: "A significant change to combat to show today, as we've exchanged the previous shoot... | PC

TLF Behind The Scenes: Iterative Combat Design In The Last Federation

212d ago - Arcen Games: "A full behind-the-scenes piece on combat in The Last Federation and how it has evol... | PC

The Last Federation 0.806 Alpha Update - Combat With Weapon Swapping

218d ago - Arcen Games: "Two days ago I posted an extended TLF gameplay trailer that showed off both the new... | PC

The Last Federation Extended Gameplay - Solar Map And Combat

219d ago - Arcen Games: "Earlier this week I wrote about the upcoming major changes to combat, and promised... | PC

Hearthstone Officially launches, and it's free

223d ago - Blizzard's digital turn based card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has finally left its be... | PC

New Alpha Round For The Last Federation, Heavily Revised Combat

224d ago - Arcen Games: "Has it really been a month since our last update? Indeed, and it's been for good re... | PC

The Last Federation - Solar Map Screenshots

251d ago - Arcen Games: "The Last Federation is a really unique game in that it is a strategy/tactics game s... | PC

The Last Federation - First Alpha Footage (Combat)

259d ago - Arcen Games: "The Last Federation is an upcoming grand strategy + tactics hybrid strategy game fr... | PC

What I Love About Each Race In The Last Federation

313d ago - Arcen Games: "This is basically a much better version of the older guide to aliens in the game.... | PC

B&W Portraits Of The Remaining Four Races

314d ago - Arcen Games: "Hey folks, so the last of the alien portrait black-and-whites are now complete, and... | PC

Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians Review | Destructoid

314d ago - Genre blending is becoming more and more common as developers explore different gameplay styles.... | PC

Thoughts On "Alone Together" Collaborative/Competitive Networked Play ("Multiplayer" Is A Stretch)

316d ago - Arcen Games: "This is an idea that I originally had for The Last Federation, our upcoming title,... | PC

XCOM: Enemy Within Review | Mac|Life

316d ago - Running a clandestine agency devoted to fighting diabolical alien invaders is tough, but as XCOM:... | PC

Black And White Portraits Of Four Alien Races In TLF

319d ago - Arcen Games: "Hey all, I've been wanting to write a blog post explaining some of the ways in whic... | PC

Fun Town Review | Gamezebo

323d ago - For younger gamers, sometimes it's okay if the line between a game and a learning app gets a litt... | iPhone

PS4 Game Release Dates

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A Guide To Aliens In The Last Federation

333d ago - Arcen Games: "The Last Federation is filled with 8 (well, really 9, but one of them only has one... | PC

Sneak Peek: The Last Federation

365d ago - Arcen Games: "The Last Federation is a space-based mix of strategy and tactics in which you contr... | PC

Emerald Comes to Kickstarter

392d ago - Emerald is an action-adventure game with emphasis on story and exploration. | PC

Bioshock Infinite for Mac going to launch on August 29

445d ago - NextofWeb : Mac gamers haven't yet been able to visit the airborne utopia of Columbia depicted in... | PC

Sneak Peek At Bionic Dues

452d ago - Arcen Games: "Our last full game for the year (aka not an expansion pack for an existing game) is... | PC
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