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My time with DayZ

828d ago ... DayZ is a persistent multiplayer mod for ARMA 2. It recently released in alpha state and has sent ARMA 2 up to the second bestselling title on steam which is normally reserved for upcoming games. After hearing all the hype from PC Gaming journalists, I decided to visit the mods homepage and was surprised at what I saw. It was the zombie modification we have all been waiting for albeit in an alp...

Sega Dreamcast : the pain and the heartbreak

1091d ago ... The Sega Dreamcast represents many different things to many different gamers. To the casual gamer or younger gamer the Dreamcast is some strange anomaly that "the Elder Gamers" speak of. To the truly hardcore gamer the Dreamcast represents the the last of the true harcore gaming consoles. The underdog console that COULD and did so many things right in oh so many ways. It did incredi...

5 games that will keep you busy ( happy ) for a year

1191d ago ... Since most of us are hardcore gamers and keep track of the latest video games, get hyped up about new titles and buy them ``normally`` @ day 1, it is interesting to think about this situation which may never occur but a discussion material nonetheless: If, by any reason, you would be stuck to 5 games a year, which of those 5 games will satisfy you all year and make you play continously....
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