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Luigi's Mansion:... Previews  

Gi - Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Preview

837d ago - Gi - This is the year of Luigi. You might not find Mario’s brother on the Chinese Zodiac but Nint... | 3DS

GamerTell Preview: Teaming up in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’s ScareScraper

838d ago - "I’ve had the opportunity to spend a little quality time with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon over the... | 3DS

YoYo Games, home of GameMaker: Studio

Now - Game development could not be simpler with GameMaker: Studio, the fastest and easiest to use 2D game engine! | Promoted post

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Preview: Searching for a Circle Pad Pro - Gimme Gimme Games

842d ago - Gimme Gimme Games went hands-on with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and writes that while the game is... | 3DS

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - The First 2-Hours (Video Preview)

845d ago - GameXplain: "Find out all about the final version of Luigi Mansion's: Dark Moon's story mode in o... | 3DS

Luigi's Mansion 2 hands-on preview | MMGN

849d ago - Nathan Misa of talks about his impressions and experiences from hands-on time with the u... | 3DS

Luigi's Mansion 2 Preview by The Black Panel

851d ago - The Black Panel writes: When I wandered into my local EB to pick up a GameCube back in 2002, I co... | 3DS

Luigi's Mansion 2 (Dark Moon) - 3DS Preview [Player Attack]

858d ago - Michael Irving writes for Player Attack: Luigi’s Mansion 2 (the Dark Moon subtitle seems to have... | 3DS

Luigi’s Mansion 2 looks to Metroid and Zelda for its handheld debut | EDGE

866d ago - EDGE: "Luigi’s Mansion 2 (AKA Dark Moon in North America) is the game 3DS was born to play, or so... | 3DS

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Preview | Nintendo World Report

868d ago - Tom Malina: ''All across the world, Chinese communities are celebrating the coming of the Year of... | 3DS

Getting Lost in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon | IGN

875d ago - IGN: "Playing Luigi's Mansion again after twelve years really brings home what a unique game it is." | 3DS

Nintendo Life: Preview: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

884d ago - Nintendo Life: There’s no denying that the 3DS was somewhat overshadowed by the Wii U during the... | 3DS

Joystiq - The multiplayer Scarescraper of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

889d ago - Joystiq - It was rather disappointing when Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was delayed out of last yea... | 3DS

NWR: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Preview

889d ago - NWR: In my latest demo session, Nintendo laid out a big surprise -- Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon ha... | 3DS

GotGame: Preview | Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Multiplayer Mode

891d ago - GotGame: After having been rumored for some time now, and more or less leaked on the game’s offic... | 3DS

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Knows How to Build a Perfect Boss Battle | 1UP

892d ago - 1UP: "A newly-announced multiplayer mode gets overshadowed by an impeccable encounter." | 3DS

First look at Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's multiplayer | Destructoid

892d ago - Destructoid: "Luigi's Mansion launched with the GameCube to little fanfare, oft forgotten by all... | 3DS

IGN-Preview:Getting Luigi’s Mansion Right

928d ago - IGN:Poor Luigi. While Mario routinely sets off to fight Bowser, rescue Princess Peach and save th... | 3DS

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Promises More Ghostly Locales, Abilities, and Humor | 1UP

928d ago - 1UP: "The sequel to a fan favorite Gamecube game looks right at home on 3DS." | 3DS

Gamesradar-Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon preview – Scared of the spotlight

928d ago - GR:The story seems to follow the original’s, namely that oddball Professor E. Gadd needs help rou... | 3DS

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Video Preview

929d ago - GameXplain: "Check out our latest video preview of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to learn some new d... | 3DS

Splatoon (Wii U) Review

Now - Ken sprays paint (I mean ink) everywhere in the name of reviews. | Promoted post

In search of hidden objects in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon [Joystiq]

992d ago - Luigi's second romp through a haunted mansion offers something different for 3DS fans, following... | 3DS

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Preview | Awesome Games

1007d ago - Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'I have a dream that gamers will one day live in a world where Lu... | 3DS

SnackBarGames Preview: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’s ready to rise

1014d ago - SBG: The last time we saw much about the lesser Mario Brother and his upcoming sequel was at l... | 3DS

Nintendo Life: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Preview

1055d ago - Nintendo Life: We recently had the chance to sit down with a more recent demo of Luigi's Mansion:... | 3DS

CVG - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon: Big improvements seriously impress

1057d ago - CVG: "You'd have thought that in an entire decade the sequel would have looked a fair bit better,... | 3DS
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