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User Review : Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon

  • Pacing
  • Ghostbusting
  • Attention to detail in every mansion
  • Repetitive play

Ghostbusting in a spooky carnival house

The story begins with Luigi once again getting sucked into the ghost-removal service by the wacky Professor E. Gadd. Luigi is on an adventure to bring all the ghost calming artifacts of the Dark Moon together, and he and his modified vacuum (a.k.a. the Poltergust 5000) need to clean up five mansions in order to find the entire Dark Moon. The storyline is funny and charming yet not something that gamers will remember this game for, it’s the great ghost busting aspect and seeing luigi on his own. His reactions bring a smile for example when he tries to calm his nerves by humming along to the game's background music, that deliver some of the biggest laughs.

There are several missions in each mansion. This game is perfect for commutes by train or bus with portable bursts every time you play. The game gives you enough time with thrills and moments of effectiveness as you progress. Each mission opens new areas of the mansion to explore while throwing in new task like clearing spider webs and some clever ways of using flames. Tons of rich ghost busting adventure with lots of fun the 3D is used brilliantly as you can actually see some bosses come at you and the lighning and rain effect shine.

Dark Moon looks and sounds great for a portable 3DS game and the level of detail in its mansions makes the environments look fantastic. The developers really took there time into trying to fit every little detail which is why this game truly showcases that the 3DS when handled by a good developer can give you excellent graphics. You can see they fit a ton into the environments for instance the fog, lighting, objects shake and rattle when luigi points his vacuum. The interactivity through out the game is a big focus in order to progress and In my opinion every room has a surprise around each corner. This game is Like a trip through a carnival funhouse, the thrills of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon may be simple, but they’re exciting nonetheless.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon weighs in at about 14 hours long, though it’ll feel longer thanks to skillful pacing. And the game has a number of tools to keep sucking players back in. Each mansion has a ton of collectibles which unlock new time attack modes for each stage. Great way to increase monetary value and upgrading the poltergeist.

One of the great things about the original "Luigi's Mansion" is that it didn't take itself so seriously - it was a funny game with a spooky premise, but it was never a "scary" game. "Dark Moon" follows the same path, putting the inherently more humorous Mario brother in crazy situations, with hysterical outcomes. Gamers who have played the original on the Gamecube will fall in love and really appreciate this game. Especially with all the level of details the developers at Next level had put into this game.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has wound up being one of my favorite 3DS games to date. This romp through the world of silly ghost busting is adorable, challenging, fun to play and perfectly paced. For years I wondered why Nintendo took so long to create a sequel and they have finally answered in a big way.

Overall this game is a great example of how an older franchise can make a return after being in hybernation for so long. The are some sections of repetitious gameplay but to me it never felt dull. The entire game felt fresh with good mechanics which has left me hoping that Nintendo does not wait long for a sequel.

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