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Reminder: Console devs can and will rip you off

558d ago ... Firstly, slow clap for Microsoft separating Xbox One from Kinect, finally. Not a sarcastic clap, I'm talking honest, building-up slow clap from movies after somebody makes a big, heroic speech. Now, in no universe is this not a good thing. For Microsoft or gamers. The Kinect was not the future. I don't think we're going to like motion control until it's done in conjunction with a holo-deck....

I'm done being polite, this is no longer just a silly 'console war'.

899d ago ... I'd like to start of by saying I struggled finding an image for this blog so instead I used an image from the Mega Drive/Genesis title Alien Storm. In the picture we see gamers as the dude electrocuting the dubious ideas of game developers, in the face. Anyhow... The term console war is stupid. The fact is the people involved in them are even more stupid. They are inanimate objects. They...

Three things Microsoft can do for their Next-Gen Xbox

969d ago ... Amidst all the rumors and speculation regarding Microsoft's next generation gaming console, their success with the Xbox 360 is nothing short of a milestone achievement for the Redmond company, especially when compared to their initial entrance into the console gaming market with the original Xbox. Being the first console to launch the seventh generation back in 2005, Microsoft were primed an...
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