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Why free to play is not a death knell for MMOs

782d ago - Developers are turning to the free-to-play model in order to maintain player bases and gain reven... | PC

The Lord of the Rings Online: Yule Festival Guide

1372d ago - Dana from Game North breaks down the new holiday zone in Lord of the Rings Online, Frostbluff.... | PC

Need 100 Grand? Turbine’s Got Your Back

1390d ago - Turbine's insanely easy contest could leave you with 100,000 points in your pocket. | PC

The LOTRO Store explored (with images)

1507d ago - Turbine's new LOTRO store is revealed and explored in detail | PC

Top Xbox One Exclusives to Look Forward To

Now - What are you excited for? Here are the ones we're really getting revved up for. | Promoted post

Lord of the Rings Online: Five Reasons to Be Concerned about LotRO F2P

1548d ago - LotRO is a theme-park adventure through Middle-earth, which previously was enjoyable for one low... | PC

LOTRO And The (Un)Free To Play Plan

1567d ago - IncGamers' Jeff Hollis looks at how the new deal from Turbine could be a real money-spinner for t... | PC

MMO Festivities Of 2009

1735d ago - MMOs like to bring a bit of the real world into their on-screen one, so it's not unusual to see r... | 12

IncGamers: MMO News Wrap Up #9

1775d ago - IncGamers' Bill Vaughan takes a look at all the latest MMO news from the past week, including upd... | 12

IncGamers: MMO News Wrap Up #8

1789d ago - Halloween is well and truly upon us, as almost any MMO gamer will know this week. Most of the in-... | 12

IncGamers: MMO News Wrap Up #7

1796d ago - IncGamer's Bill Vaughan looks at all the news from the world of MMOs this week, and she's noticed... | 12

IncGamers: MMO News Wrap Up #6

1803d ago - IncGamers' MMO Editor Bill Vaughan runs through all the big MMO News from the last seven days:... | 12

IncGamers - MMO Weekly 13/10/09: Subscription And Launches

1806d ago - Jeff Hollis is back with another opinion piece looking at failed launches of MMOs. We've asked h... | 11,12

FreeMMOGamer: Pay MMORPG´s That Should Be Free to play

2003d ago - They are who believes that the free to play model is the future... This list features some of tod... | 12

IncGamers: The End of MMO Worlds

2016d ago - IncGamers Tim McDonald and Belinda Vaughn ask what would happen if your MMO world were to close.... | 11,12

GameSpy: The Lord of the Rings Online: Lorien Bound

2028d ago - GameSpy writes: "Nobody hurries in Lothlorien. The fabled home of the Elves in J.R.R. Tolkie... | 12

IncGamers: MMO WEEKLY 20/02

2037d ago - IncGamers' popular feature is now live with Hollis at the helm. Hollis writes: "Howdy... | 11,12

Lord of the Rings: Conquest PC & PS3 Dedicated Server Downloads

2077d ago - Community members who would like to host their own dedicated Lord of the Ring: Conquest games for... | 1,12

Gamasutra's Best of 2008: The 5 Most Significant MMO Stories

2099d ago - Gamasutra reports: Throughout December, Gamasutra presented a year-end retrospective, discussing... | 11, 12

Feature Article: Hero's Guide to the Silvertine Lodes - LOTR: Online

2120d ago - LOTRO.com writes: "New travelers to the Silvertine Lodes are most likely to enter the region... | 12

IncGamers: MMO WEEKLY 25/11

2128d ago - IncGamers' Jeff Hollis is back with more quirky stories from the land of MMOs. An excerpt yo... | 12

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post

Massively's complete LotRO Fall Harvest Festival guide

2185d ago - Shawn Schuster writes: "The Lord of the Rings Online Fall Harvest festivities are now in ful... | 12

Landmark:Ost Crithlanc

2185d ago - Turbine's LotRO Lorebook has been updated with an entry for Ost Crithlanc, some ruins at the bord... | 12

MMO versus MMO - A Hands-on Comparison of the Four Biggest MMOs of 2008.

2204d ago - From gameplayer... "Are MMO gamers after evolution of revolution? That's the question f... | 12

5 Things Lord of the Rings Online does better than WoW

2268d ago - There are eleven million people playing World of Warcraft. And with good reason. It is an extreme... | 12

Top MMO Games You Should Play

2352d ago - GameGuru writes: "MMO's, does it sound geeky to you? Well read on to make yourself acquainte... | 11,12
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