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User Review : Logos Quiz

  • Free (has an ads banner though)
  • Long game
  • Well laid out.
  • New update was a pain
  • Keyboard issues

Fun, little, addictive game

(At the time of review a new update was released which added another level as well as changed a couple of setting which I will discuss but I am unsure if these are bugs which will be fixed)

Logos Quiz is an ios game developed by AticoD. The premise of the game is very simple. Each level (originally 8 but since the new update 9 levels) consisting of various amounts of logos you have to guess what they are. Sounds simple, right? But to make things harder obvious letters (for example the letters B.B.C in the BBC logo are removed or some letters are missing in the Activision logo). Help for the more obscure logos (and boy are there some obscure ones) is given in the way of hints which give you facts about the company/brand. You are given hints from the start and every three correct answers results in getting another hint which can be used at any point. What is worth noting is that you can only use three hints per logo. Points are achieved by the time taken to guess the logo and points are deducted for every wrong answer. There is that added level of competitiveness when comparing scores on the ios' Game Centre. It isn't just enough to get the answer right.

The general design of the game is well thought out. The game is visual appealing with the colourful logos on a greyish background and there is little to no functionality problems. The game is very responsive to the touch but the keyboard is a little to sensitive for my liking. More often than not I end up spelling the logo wrong because of a mistype which can get annoying. The app is very cleaver when it comes to spelling. I can recognise if you are close or not to the right spelling. This is a massive plus for the game. Some, more complex, words may have to letters the wrong way round and being told that something is incorrect could through you off. With many other logo quiz games on the market not having this feature shows how more advance this game is.

The sounds are nothing special and are quite annoying (mainly for others around you) so I would recommend playing this on silent. There isn't a nasty backing track (that seems to occur on many puzzle ios games) but the correct and incorrect notifications sounds are not pleasant to listen to.

Since the new update different profiles can be added. This is very much a welcome feature for anyone who has more than one person playing the game. It keeps your game personal. The update has changed the game slightly which is worth noting in this review. A previous feature was getting gold stars when you get a perfect answer. These could be exchanged for more hints. Now since the update this feature seems to have gone (not sure if this is a bug) but a new feature which is called resolve. It does exactly what it sounds like and resolves the logo (in exchange for stars) for you with minimum points given to you. I much prefer the more hint option as there is little challenge in trying to guess. It does take about 25 stars to get a resolve but still it was far more fun to get more hints and try and guess from the hints (sense of challenge). Also there is a possibility to run out of hints quite quickly if you are struggling and the ability of getting more hints was a welcomed feature. However, there are other ways to get more hints.

There can be hidden costs to this game which can ruin the experience. You can by more hints (120) and stars (75) for 69p or get the ad free version which includes 15 hints, 50 stars, reveals the full logo and reduces the number of correct answers required to get a hint for £1.49. But apart from this the game is actual free and there is very little need to spend money on this game which is a massive bonus. Not many puzzles games of this quality are free. However, they do try to make you buy the full version (previously mentioned) by notifications from time to time which can get annoying but this is just nitpicking.

The game has a social element to it. You can post on twitter and facebook to get help from your friends which doesn't cost you any hint tokens. It is a nice feature to have but I rarely used it. I particularly didn't want to flood my Facebook page with obscure logos. There isn't, however, a way to publish your score to facebook or twitter. It would have added a bit more competitiveness with your friends.

In general this is a really addictive game. Despite its flaws (mainly the new feature and the annoying keyboard) the game is very addictive and you could find yourself playing this game for a very long time. For a free game I have managed to play for 08 hours 53 minutes 56 seconds and I still have lots of logos to guess. It is personally the best logo game I have played and one of the best puzzle games. I often found myself coming back to the game to see if I remembered any more logos. It is nice to get a fully free game on the ios that isn't gimped in anyway nor has any technical difficulties. I would defiantly recommend this game to anyone with an ios device especially with potentially more logos being added in the future.

It is worrying how many brand logos you can recognise.

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FAGOL2183d ago

Yeah it's fun and addicting. But there's a point when you realise you know too many logos. I'm from the UK and I can name logos from around the world, especially america.

I mean Dunkin Donuts...why do I know how the logo for that looks like.

And I wonder if the creators are getting paid for showing these logos because it's a pretty damn good way to increase brand awareness.

iamnsuperman2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

I am the same. I know way to many logos. To be fair dunkin donuts is slowly making its way here but things like in n out burger. It is worrying I know that logo because I swear there isn't one in the UK.