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User Review : LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller DLC

  • Good User Generated Content
  • Not A Bad Price
  • Good For Offline Multiplayer
  • Installation
  • Practicality Issues

Lots Of Bang For Your Buck

LittleBigPlanet Cross-Controller is a downloadable content pack for LittleBigPlanet 2 which, similar to the Move pack, comes with its own story and gameplay mechanics. Sadly, I must start on a really sourer note. This game is ridiculously difficult to set up. For some reasons the Vita and the PS3 do not want to communicate with each other. As this game is launched from the Vita its-self, software is needed to be downloaded from the PS3 system onto the Vita to work. Sony really dropped a ball here as the method is very convoluted and confusing when things go wrong. Any would be buyers who are reading this review; I strongly recommend reading this guide (that was posted here on N4G) as it does solve the connection issue:

Luckily the rest of the game isn’t a chore like the installation process. This DLC comes with its own full-fledged story. The story is short but one of the more engaging in the series. Don’t expect this to be a full length game but for what you pay for you get plenty of content (four levels and two mini games). The story mode includes a new gameplay mechanic called wormhole which once entered the game must be played of the Vita. It is an interesting idea and works very well when the levels are designed with that in mind. The levels themselves are incredibly designed and are of the calibre you expect from a LittleBigPlanet game

As I have previously said the idea behind this DLC pack is to make the Vita and the PS3 work together. How this is achieved is at certain points in the game you have to interact with the Vita’s touch screen to proceed on in the level. This comes in the form of making things visible to moving blocks and springs. From a local multiplayer perspective this really works as the other players rely on you to help them see hidden obstacles giving a reason to work together than just jumping all over each other. However, from a single player perspective, this two screen idea is quite annoying. Constantly looking down at the Vita and up at the TV is immensely annoying and also more work than it should be. I guess you could go Wii U promotional picture style and hold the Vita right out in front of you but this is just gets uncomfortable after a while. This kind of feature is best played with other people in the room.

Graphics are exactly the same as LBP 2 (no surprise here) but it still looks good and doesn’t look outdated. More music has been added which is a bonus and there are five costumes as well as the prize bubbles scattered around each level.

The DLC pack also gives you the option to create and play user generated levels. There is quite a substantial amount of levels that users have created so you and Media Molecule have made things easy by picking out the “cool” ones. Again this just really adds to the value of the pack. You can play with others online but there aren’t many people playing out there with a Vita. The same principles apply except the Vita is not used if you join their sessions. I did find that occasionally the game would get confused if you tried to re-sync the Vita and such the connections would get a bit temperamental so do not do this. Otherwise the connection between players is fine.

Overall this is a must for LBP fans and I would recommend it to any Vita owners who have LBP 2. The price is negligible compared to the content that you are given. The overall experience is best had playing with your friends in the same room. The Vita creates an interesting way to encourage team work. However, on your own it isn’t as enjoyable. I personally found it a pain looking up at the screen then down at the Vita then looking back up again. User generated content is definitely a reason to buy the DLC pack as it offers more than you think in terms of gameplay. This DLC is good. It is just a shame that getting it to work was a pain (if you follow the guide it will be very easy to get things working)

LBP 2 graphics which still look great with the environments looking great and Sackboy look as good as always
More fantastic music to add to you LBP 2 collection
Offline multiplayer is where this game shines. Working together makes LBP 2 even more fun. The Vita/PS3 crossplay was interesting and did work, except for the pain of switching between the two screens
Fun Factor
Most memorable single player in the series. It is fun to play
User Generated Content is back and it is still fantastic despite not many online users.
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