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Little Inferno Reviews  

Little Inferno Review - Zero1Gaming

1020d ago - Joseph Butler-Hartley reviews Tomorrow Corporation's scorching indie game, Little Inferno. | PC

Little Inferno Review - Gamer Chatter

1045d ago - Euegen reviews Little Inferno for the PC | PC

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Little Inferno Review | Tech Heads

1047d ago - For those who enjoy a mildly disturbing and morbid game with hidden themes, silly animal toys, an... | PC

Little Inferno Review [Capsule Computers]

1088d ago - Developed by the Tomorrow Corporation, Little Inferno was one of the first games to enter the wor... | PC

STP: Little Inferno Review

1091d ago - STP: Dark, weird, and very different, Little Inferno is great for those looking for something dif... | iPad

Little Inferno Review | Scripted Sequence

1107d ago - We have a little sit down and a think about Little Inferno. What exactly is it? What does it mean... | PC

Review: Little Inferno [Gamedwellers]

1113d ago - Gamedwellers reviews Little Inferno, for the Wii U and PC. | PC

Little Inferno Review | Gamer Horizon

1115d ago - Kyle Gabler and Allan Blomquist (who brought us World of Goo), have teamed up with Kyle Gray (Hen... | PC

Little Inferno Review | NintendoFuse

1121d ago - NintendoFuse writes: "Little Inferno is a very unique puzzle game, one which comes across more... | Wii U

Little Inferno Review | GameSpot

1122d ago - GameSpot: "Burning virtual stuff is more fun than you'd expect in the quirky puzzler Little Infer... | Wii U

Little Inferno Review - Is it on Fire? (GameXplain)

1123d ago - GameXplain: "A large chunk of Little Inferno is incredibly boring but, strangely, it’s designed t... | Wii U

Little Inferno Wii U Review - The Nerd Cabinet

1124d ago - A review of Little Inferno by The Nerd Cabinet Editor, Kane Hazzard. "Probably one of the funn... | Wii U

Platform Nation: Little Inferno Review

1128d ago - Platform Nation: I hesitate to even write a review about Little Inferno. Ideally, you would exper... | PC

Little Inferno Review | Explosion

1128d ago - "You’d be forgiven for thinking that Little Inferno was developed by 2D Boy, creators of 2008 puz... | Wii U
30° Little Inferno - Wii U Download Review

1130d ago - "It's not often that an experience sticks with me for weeks after it happens. When it does, thoug... | Wii U

Review: Little Inferno (Wii U) -

1132d ago - Tynan Muddle at writes: "Little Inferno represents Wii U’s liberal stance toward... | Wii U

Little Inferno Review | Nintendojo

1133d ago - Nintendojo: "Little Inferno is a game about games. It will make you think about what you do in ga... | Wii U

Little Inferno Review | Canadian Online Gamers

1134d ago - Canadian Online Gamers: "I would have to say that Little Inferno is a solid game. Although I do... | Wii U

Little Inferno Review | Quarter to Three

1135d ago - Quarter to Three: "Little Inferno is eventually a two-to-three-hour short film of a videogame abo... | Wii U

Game-Modo: Burning Things Has Never Been So Much Fun - Little Inferno Review

1145d ago - Indie developers really have taken a liking to the Wii U and this included a few chaps who had pr... | Wii U

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Little Inferno Review - MMGN

1146d ago - MMGN: Little Inferno may not be a game per se, but it does provide an addictive, puzzling experie... | PC

Little Inferno review [Nintendo Insider]

1148d ago - Nintendo Insider writes: This is the latest from Tomorrow Corporation, the designers of the mu... | Wii U

GamerTell Review: Little Inferno

1149d ago - From the review, "ittle Inferno is the kind of game that big name developers would shy away from.... | PC

Little Inferno Review | ENE3

1151d ago - ENE3: "How about a game where the objective is to catch everything ... on fire ? Little Inferno i... | Wii U

Review: Little Inferno | Digitally Downloaded

1153d ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "Little Inferno is a clever effort that is a completely worthless ga... | PC
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Little Inferno

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