Dev of the Day : Size Five Games
  Interview with Size Five Games' Dan Marshall

Dan Marshall of Size Five Games talks to us about what it means to be an indie developer, the deeper meaning behind Gun Monkeys and refuses to shar...

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Fable 1 HD remake teased by Lionhead

420d ago - Twitter is, without a doubt, the chosen social media for every rumor in existence. This time it’s... | Xbox 360

More Fable on the Way?

420d ago - The Fable series has been either a hit more miss with gamers, mostly a miss. While the games have... | Xbox 360

Next-Gen Xbox Launch Games: Fable 4?

441d ago - X360: Microsoft is close to revealing its next-gen Xbox but what launch games we’ll see release a... | Xbox 720

Fable: Molyneux And Molyold

451d ago - Twinfinite looks back at the Fable series and its highs and lows | Xbox

Start Making Games for the PS4

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Steve Jackson On How To Survive as an Indie

465d ago - We talk to Games Workshop founder, Fighting Fantasy gamebook writer and professor of game design... | iPhone

Spreading like the plague – Death Inc. announced

567d ago - Beefjack Writes: Ever wanted to infect someone with the bubonic plague via the medium of explodin... | PC

Best Games To Come Out Of The United Kingdom

612d ago - United Kingdom is renowned for many things! Fish n Chips, soccer and the Beatles but what most of... | PC

Lionhead evolving into 'Entertainment as a Service' studio

648d ago - Job vacancy hints Fable developer's future might be an MMO | Xbox 360

Microsoft lays off Lionhead employees

650d ago - Microsoft has today let an undisclosed number of employees of its Lionhead studio go following th... | Industry

Lionhead and Insomniac talk next gen engines

662d ago - OXM - "We need to make it easier for the artists to make the games." | Next-Gen

Just Press Start Podcast Episode 104: The Developer Perspective

669d ago - Lucas of Just Press Start write: "We are joined this week by Chris Zukowski, developer of City... | PC

Lionhead's new creative director talks 'Fable: The Journey,' Lionhead's future

678d ago - Polygon writes: At a press event showing Fable: The Journey last week, Lionhead's Gary Carr — the... | Xbox 360

Is Fable: The Journey a Genius Spinoff or Franchise Suicide?

678d ago - Lionhead Studios founder and Fable creator Peter Molyneux is gone, and with him all of his grandi... | Xbox 360

Lionhead director says the studio is working on “something new and exciting”

678d ago - VG247 writes: Gary Carr, the man who stepped into the clown-sized shoes of Peter Molyneux, has in... | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey Demo Released

678d ago - Fable: The Journey Demo has now been released on Xbox Live. I share my thoughts and expectations... | Xbox 360

Lionhead: "Milo lives on in Fable. He's now a little wizard."

742d ago - GI - Gary Carr, creative director at UK development studio Lionhead, has revealed that while the... | Xbox 360

EDGE - Lionhead on life after Peter Molyneux

747d ago - EDGE - We speak to Lionhead’s creative director Gary Carr about stepping into Peter Molyneux’s sh... | Culture

'Fable: The Journey' is "seriously" the biggest thing we've ever made, says Lionhead

790d ago - In an interview, creative director Gary Carr described the game as "massive", saying that it far... | Xbox 360

You, Me, & DLC. Part four: Whose Game Is it Anyway?

801d ago - Critical Gamer's Luke K writes: As Mass Effect fans hold their collective breath waiting for BioW... | PC

Lionhead Studios developing MMO-like RPG for next-gen consoles?

803d ago - Enizr: "According to a job posting on LinkedIn, Lionhead Studios - maker of the popular third-per... | Dev

Start Making Games for Xbox One

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Arcade Review: Fable Heroes [eGamer]

805d ago - eGamer reviews Fable Heroes. An arcade game centred around the Fable Universe. | Arcade

Missing In Action: Black and White 3

812d ago - "With the departure of Peter Molyneux from Lionhead Studios, and the fact that Black and White 2... | PC

Making Fable Heroes – An Interview with Lionhead’s Ted Timmins (

819d ago - GodisaGeek: "For those of you that aren’t aware, Fable Heroes is set to release this Wednesday on... | Xbox 360

OzBoxLive Radio #072 - Peter Molyneux Special

820d ago - Join Australian Microsoft Xbox MVP’s Mark & David as they take a look at the work of brilliant ga... | Xbox 360

Fable Heroes "doesn't in any way shape the future direction of Lionhead"

821d ago - Xbox Live Arcade beat-'em-up Fable Heroes "doesn't in any way shape the future direction of Lionh... | Xbox 360

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