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User Review : Limbo

  • Beautiful
  • Fun puzzles
  • Story/lack of story
  • There is little replay value

A Fantastic Puzzle-Platformer Which Also Left A Bitter Taste In My Mouth

Limbo was a puzzle platform game developed by Playhead and released in 2010. I have always been fascinated by this game and the positive reviews it got but it has taken me this long to actually play it and in a way my feelings towards Limbo are confusing.

The general premise to the game is confusing. Essentially you are this mysterious, boy-esque, shadow that must solve puzzles to progress. The puzzles are fantastically varied in difficulty and really are a joy to solve. The game is split into 24 chapters with each chapter taking around two to ten minutes to complete (so it’s a fairly short for a game with no replay value). The stylisation of Limbo is beautiful with three colours (black, grey and white) adding a great deal of emotion and eeriness to the game. Also the developers have managed to add a sense of depth to the environment despite this being a 2D platform game which gave some life to the dark and dismal world that is Limbo

You may ask “why are you feeling confused about liking Limbo. It sounds like you really enjoyed the game”. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy it. But the biggest problem with this game is its story (well lack of one). The beginning of the game you wake up in this forest. You have no idea who you are, where you are, what you are meant to do…. That’s fine until I got to the end. I will not spoil it for any who hasn't played it yet but I will explain what I mean in limited detail. It seems they forgot to put a little bit before you “wake” up because the ending doesn't make sense with the rest of the game. I get the developers were trying to make you think who is that, what does this game mean but to answer those question wild assumptions have to be made. Also the “story” isn't really referenced throughout the game except for the beginning and the end. I did wonder throughout the game if there is a point for me doing these puzzles because there was no constant story goal/objective to make me want to get from A to B. Another downside is the lack of sound. I understand why the developers left it out but you do end up missing some sort of sound while playing this game

Overall Limbo is a good game. It uses physics in challenging way which just makes the puzzles more enjoyable. I also like the art direction. I am just left a little disappointed with its “story”. I can’t really decide if there is one and the ending felt it tried too hard to be out there and make you question it without really giving you anything to start with.

The monochrome world is amazingly beautiful which really gives off a spooky feel.
There are sound effects which are done nicely. However, that is as far as sound goes with this game. Its a shame that sound isn't used to build tension and momentum in this game
Good gameplay. Nothing too ground breaking when it comes to movement but the puzzles are a joy to play and at times prove challenging (but not too challenging that it becomes frustrating)
Fun Factor
The puzzles/game is fun but what annoyed me was it tried to do with the story.
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Picnic1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

The story is mainly the game itself - trial and error, being attacked by everyone else like you're in Lord of the flies or something. It's a beautifully designed game that is really made by something as simple as small changes in lighting. Not a pretentious game either - elegant action interspersed with almost comically brutal deaths (there is dark humour on this game). And the actual ending was beautifully done I thought.