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Limbo Previews  

One Upon Light Comes out of the Dark

756d ago - Singaporean indie title One Upon Light blends puzzle gameplay with unique vision. | PC

GND presents-Weekly Release Drop from July 17th-23rd featuring Captain America

1671d ago - End of a week, beginning of a new Drop. This week’s Release Drop looks to have a couple of good... | Nintendo DS

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

GrE's Release of the Week: Limbo

2033d ago - GrE writes, "While giant developers are hard at work over the summer, attempting to churn out the... | Xbox 360

The First Hour Of… Limbo

2034d ago - Kotaku: I have no idea what’s going on. But I love it. | Xbox 360

Limbo Impressions (RunDLC)

2040d ago - RunDLC recently posted impressions of Limbo, the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game. In the article... | Xbox 360

Destructoid Hands-on: Exploring Playdead's haunting Limbo

2045d ago - Nick Chester from Destructoid: Digging through press releases, I’ve learned that Limbo “puts play... | Xbox 360

Ars: Fear of Dreaming: Why the 360's Limbo Is a Very Big Deal

2047d ago - There is no "real" to dreams; reality shifts, shapes start as one thing and become something else... | Xbox 360

NowGamer: Limbo Hands-On Preview

2052d ago - NowGamer gets to grips with Playdead's haunting XBLA platform-puzzler Limbo. Full in-depth previe... | Xbox 360

VGC: Preview and Interview on IGF Award Winner LIMBO

2073d ago - LIMBO uses simple actions for complex puzzles. Finding the way to stop a spider from killing you... | Xbox 360

OXM UK: Limbo Preview

2090d ago - Limbo isn't a pleasant place. There are rotten trees everywhere, giant spiders scuttling through... | Xbox 360
10° Limbo Preview

2097d ago - Gamereactor: He's quite cute, the kid we play as in Limbo. You can hardly see him, considering th... | PC

RunDLC: Limbo Preview

2134d ago - RunDLC writes: "Just because a game is limited to downloadable format doesn't mean it's lack... | 2
10° Preview: Limbo

2135d ago - Lost in limbo. It is the destiny of a boy in search of his sister disappeared myste... | 2

GameShark: Limbo preview

2136d ago - You may have heard its title. Maybe you've seen screenshots or checked out the teaser trailer. Bu... | 2

Gamer Limit: Limbo Hands-On

2140d ago - Danish developer PLAYDEAD (they develop games, btw, not danishes) was on the show floor in Boston... | 2

Joystiq: Limbo Hands-On

2159d ago - Very few games manage to instill a pure kind of terror such as Limbo, an aptly-titled puzzle-plat... | 2

GamesRadar: Limbo Preview

2162d ago - Xbox Live is home to dozens of puzzle games with quirky titles and quirkier concepts. Few, howeve... | 2

IGN: Limbo Hands-On

2162d ago - From PlayDead, this 2D platformer starts with a simple goal. You're a boy who has to figure out w... | 2

GameSpot: Limbo First Look

2162d ago - A concept that began six years ago, Limbo recently won awards for visual and technical excellence... | 2
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