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Liberation Maiden (3DSWare) Review | SuperPhillip Central

881d ago - "Are you familiar at all with Guild01? It was a Japanese release last year that featured four uni... | 3DS

Liberation Maiden 3DS Review | DigitalNoob

897d ago - My review of Liberation Maiden for the 3DS. "This is a review about a game for all the Otaku o... | 3DS

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Liberation Maiden Review (3DS eShop) | Negative World

992d ago - Negative World writes: One of the current hot topics in the world of video gaming is whether or n... | 3DS

Mini-Reviews: Liberation Maiden & Fallblox | D+PAD

999d ago - D+PAD Writes: In the latest of our mini-reviews, we take a look at Liberation Maiden (from the... | 3DS
40° Liberation Maiden - 3DS Download Review

1011d ago - "Nothing would please me more than to see an increased production of new, exhilarating properties... | 3DS

Liberation Maiden Review | Game Podunk

1026d ago - GP: "If there’s one thing that Grasshopper Manufacture is known for, it’s games with crazy premis... | 3DS

Liberation Maiden Review- iGaming

1042d ago - The first game from the GUILD01 collection arrived on the Eshop. How is it? Come to check it out! | 3DS

Liberation Maiden review [Nintendo Insider]

1045d ago - Nintendo Insider writes: Purifying warzones with nature, Liberty mechs, and a high school stud... | 3DS

Review: Liberation Maiden (New Gamer Nation)

1046d ago - One would think that Japanese developers would have action games featuring giant robots down to a... | 3DS

PixlBit's Liberation Maiden Review

1049d ago - PixlBit | "I thought we had moved past the era of silly touch-screen controls early in the lifesp... | 3DS

Liberation Maiden Review - GameInsider

1059d ago - Grasshopper Manufacture is known for creating some of the most unique and off the wall video game... | 3DS

Liberation Maiden Review | Geek Revolt

1065d ago - GR's Damion Julien-Rohman writes: Back in October of last year, Japanese studio Level-5 got a... | 3DS

NWR: Liberation Maiden Review

1068d ago - NWR: I got to admit, I’m not a fan of this calendar system the Dominion has put in place. Ever si... | 3DS

Liberation Maiden (3DS) Review | gamrReview

1068d ago - gamrReview: "Barack, Mitt, please move aside. While the United States are currently deadlocked in... | 3DS

Liberation Maiden Review | Hardcore Gamer

1068d ago - Liberation Maiden is an outstanding on-rails shooter worth its $8 price tag. They money gets you... | 3DS

Diehard GameFAN: Liberation Maiden Review

1069d ago - DHGF: Liberation Maiden is a collaboration between Level-5 and Suda 51, and the end product winds... | 3DS

MTV Multiplayer - 'Liberation Maiden' Review - Presidency From Above

1070d ago - MTV Multiplayer - In the future the presidency will undoubtedly be more challenging… and that's i... | 3DS

Pocket Gamer: Liberation Maiden Review

1071d ago - Pocket Gamer: Please read my Pocket Gamer staff profile. Thanks for that. As you'll have read,... | 3DS

Oprainfall Review: Liberation Maiden

1071d ago - Oprainfall writes: "Suda51 is by far one of the most bizarre creators in the video game industry... | 3DS

Liberation Maiden Review | Destructoid

1071d ago - Destructoid: "Liberation Maiden isn't Suda 51's crowning achievement or anything, but it is a sim... | 3DS

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[GAMINGtruth] Liberation Maiden Review

1071d ago - Contributor Cliff B. takes on this Suda51 developed title for the Nintendo 3DS. Hit the link for... | 3DS

Liberation Maiden Review | GamesTM

1072d ago - GamesTM: "What hurts most about Liberation Maiden, however, is that just when it feels like it’s... | 3DS

GameInformer- Liberation Maiden Review

1073d ago - GameInformer- In a vote of 200 opposed to 273 in favor, the teenage daughter of the recently dece... | 3DS

Liberation Maiden Review |

1078d ago - Liberation Maiden has a simplistic plot when compared to other games developed by Suda 51. You pl... | 3DS

Liberation Maiden Review | Nintendo Now

1078d ago - Guild 01 is a 3DS game that only released in Japan, and it was a compilation of four different ti... | 3DS
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Liberation Maiden

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