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Clipping Through Review-B-TEN

21d ago - Writer Brian White reviews Clipping Through: One Mad Week in Video Games, by games journalist Lei... | Culture

Materialism, Music, and the Culture of Video Games

353d ago - A discussion between GamerNode's Associate Editor Greg Galiffa and freelance games writer Ethan G... | Culture

What Makes a Game?

493d ago - Do games have to be fun? What if the point of the game is to take agency away from the player? Is... | Industry

Ask Gamasutra: 84 Metacritic need not apply

763d ago - Over on Gamasutra's job boards, an ad recently popped up that has become a topic of debate over t... | Industry

Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

In the sexism discussion, let's look at game culture

774d ago - "Gamasutra's Leigh Alexander takes stock of a rising tide favoring discussion of gender issues in... | PC

Lola's Best Reads of the Week - 09.07.2012

782d ago - Amongst the noise and clutter that makes up the staggering volume of videogames journalism, I bri... | Industry

Ask Gamasutra: Sony bought Gaikai, are discs going away?

784d ago - Gamasutra: If there's one news story that's on everyone's minds this week, it's Sony's imminent a... | PS3
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