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Lego City Undercover Review - Glitch Cat

772d ago - Glitch Cat - For a game that’s TT’s first real open-world sandbox game, I’ve got to say that I’m... | Wii U

Lego City Undercover [Guide]

772d ago - Beginning to end walkthrough for Lego City Undercover on Wii U! | Wii U

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

'Injustice' part of B1G1 half off at Target plus $25 gift card for Wii U

774d ago - XMNR: Target shared its game deals for the week of Sunday, April 14 and Injustice: Gods Among Us... | Wii

DJ Podcast Episode 103 - Xbox 720 price and release date revealed?

774d ago - Boosty from DJ podcasts writes "On this week’s podcast Episode 103, we discuss the latest rumors... | PSP

TR - Lego City: Undercover Review

775d ago - TR - If TT Games’ first Lego title for Wii U should only be lauded for one thing, it’s taking ris... | Wii U

XGN- LEGO City Undercover Review

777d ago - XGN:LEGO City is an unforgettable city where you can lose dozens of hours. | Wii U

Lego City Undercover Review | Telegraph

777d ago - Telegraph: "Lego City Undercover is laugh out loud funny, it's just a shame the action doesn't ma... | Wii U

AusGamers Reviews LEGO City: Undercover

777d ago - AusGamers has reviewed LEGO City: Undercover and writes: Its humour may be slightly weak and... | Wii U

LEGO City Undercover Review | WGTC

778d ago - Chad from We Got This Covered wrote: With childhood comes plenty of playtime, during which you... | Wii U

Lego City Undercover Review: Building Blocks for Greatness | GenGAME

778d ago - GenGAME writes: "In short: don't be fooled by the kids' game exterior. Lego City Undercover is th... | Wii U

Review | Lego City Undercover [Default Prime]

778d ago - Default Prime's Lucas Stephens writes, "For years and years, Traveler’s Tales has been entertaini... | Wii U

LEGO City Undercover Review | GameDynamo

779d ago - GameDynamo - "LEGO City Undercover can immediately be described as a light-hearted, kid-friendly... | Wii U

Lego City Undercover Review | DarkStation

779d ago - DarkStation: "The game’s technical problems notwithstanding, I found LEGO City Undercover to be a... | Wii U

LEGO City Undercover Review - Daily Joystick Podcasts

781d ago - Boosty from DJ Podcasts writes "LEGO City Undercover is by far one of the best LEGO games that I’... | Wii U

Lego City Undercover Review | Gaming Capacity

782d ago - Since its introduction in 2012, Nintendo’s new game console Wii U hides in the shadows. The reaso... | Wii U

NWR: LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins Impressions

782d ago - NWR: While at PAX East, I was fortunate enough to check out Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begin... | 3DS

Lego City Undercover Review (Nintendo-Okie)

783d ago - "The Wii U saw an entire month without any kind of retail release, and without releases your cons... | Wii U

Lego City Undercover Review - The Digital Fix

783d ago - Loading... Get used to that. The single biggest take-home after finishing up with Lego City Un... | Wii U

Lego City Undercover Review (Game Freaks 365)

783d ago - Lego City Undercover is a novel idea that succeeds in creating a kid-friendly open world. It's an... | Wii U

Review: LEGO City: Undercover | G3AR

784d ago - Nintendo doesn’t have a great track record with sandbox games, once jokingly dismissing GTA by sa... | Wii U

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

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LEGO City Undercover Review | ENE3

784d ago - ENE3: "The narrative is simple and not complicated at all. Is a game that targets an especially y... | Wii U

Lego City Undercover Review | SnackBarGames

784d ago - SnackBarGames: "And so, a mere four months after the system’s launch, a new major retail-release... | Wii U

LEGO City Undercover Review|GAMINGtruth

785d ago - Shawn Long of GAMINGtruth takes on the open world environment of LEGO City Undercover: "These... | Wii U

Lego City: Undercover Review | Blistered Thumbs

785d ago - This isn’t a killer title that makes the Wii U worth a purchase, but for those that have the mach... | Wii U

Footballer disguise unlock code for LEGO City Undercover

785d ago - Nintendo Insider writes: As promised, Nintendo of Europe have begun sharing unlock codes that... | Wii U

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