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User Review : Left 4 Dead 2

  • Still great co-op{Better and more weapons{New infected add even more stratgey to the game
  • Still short{Playing solo is a no no{Should have been DLC

Left 4 Dead 2 to soon?

If you played the original Left 4 Dead and loved it, then you should feel right at home with Left 4 Dead 2.

Left 4 Dead 2 features a complete set of new scenarios along with more infected, new weapons, melee weapons, a new mode, and other items you can use to help you survive the swarms of zombies.

Once again a group of 4 survivors try to make it out of the city alive, as swarm after swarm of zombies attack them. But the main question is how much has Left 4 Dead 2 changed since part 1 which came out last year. Short answer: Not much.

It's pretty much the exact same game with slightly better graphics, a new mode, a few more weapons, melee weapons, new infected, and new ammo which sounds like a lot, but once you play through your first scenario the newness is lost, and it feels like the same old Left 4 Dead (which can be a good or bad thing).

But there are new things so let's talk about them.

First melee weapons give you an that little fighting power you need if you run out ammo or if you want to bash a zombie in the skull with a bat or katana without having to worry about accidentally getting bit and becoming one yourself. Melee weapons don't push the game to the next level, but they are a welcome addition.

All the old infected return (The Boomer (aka Gabe Newell), the Tank, The Witch, The Smoker, and the Hunter) with a group of new friends. The new infected are The Charger (basically a weaker version of the Tank), The Spitter (basically a skinny female Boomer that spits acid on the ground), and The Jockey (jumps on players and steers them away from the group).

All the previous modes return as well (Campaign, Versus, and Survival) along with the new mode Scavenger. In it survivors collect gas canisters in order to keep the generators running while player controlled infected attack the survivors.

Yeah that's pretty much it.

If you wanted to try Left 4 Dead out, but didn't, then Left 4 Dead 2 is your chance. It's still short, but it's still one of the best co-op experiences on the Xbox 360 (and the PC as well). Left 4 Dead 2 isn't the greatest game ever, but it is fun which is what matters in the end.

Easy and fun. Controls take a quick second to get use to if you're new to the game, but if you played the first game, you should be right at home.
Once again developers on the 360 need to get new engines. Left 4 Dead 2 looks good, but the environments look very simple.
Cheap scary movie music, which fits the game perfectly. Sound effects sound good as well.
Fun Factor
On you own it's a 7/10, online which is how you should play it it's a ^.
4 player online co-op (up to 2 players can play on one console), Versus mode, and Survival are still as fun as ever and Scavenge is a nice addition to an already great online experience.
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