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Anti-Korean sentiment in China: League of Legends fans call World Elite “crossbred dog team”

9h ago - Anti-Korean hate is on the rise in China and Chinese League of Legends fans had some very nasty w... | PC

TSM Gleeb Replaced By Lustboy

14h ago - Lustboy will take TSM Gleeb's old position on the League of Legends eSports team. | Culture

Riot starts getting tough on toxic LoL players with “instant” bans

1d 3h ago - League of Legends developer Riot Games is ready to take a tougher stance with the toxic players t... | PC

See how the League of Legends: New Dawn cinematic was censored by China

1d 9h ago - The League of Legends New Dawn cinematic has been censored by China, but not where you might have... | PC

Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Why eSports May Be A Career Sooner Than You Think

1d 9h ago - Non-Fiction Gaming writer Aidan discusses the eSports industry in the wake of a 10 Million dollar... | PC

China’s OMG to establish team Oh My Girl, an all-female League of Legends team (rumor)

1d 22h ago - Revealed by former Chinese team LoLadies jungler, Sherry, there just might be some truth to the r... | PC

The Big Bad MOBA Bubble

2d ago - MOBAs are very chic right now, but are they here to stay? How the big MOBA scene could burn out l... | PC

Dota 2 vs. League of Legends war reignited in China after Newbee wins The International 2014

2d ago - League of Legends is the more popular game in China, but Dota 2 is clearly paying off more for th... | PC

The latest League of Legends cinematic is the most epic thing you’ll see all day

2d ago - An opinion piece about the latest League of Legends trailer and the game in general. | PC

League of Legends Cinematic Trailer

3d ago - A cinematic trailer has just been released for League of Legends - the idea being to show the cha... | PC

League of Legends has been Korea's #1 game every week for 2 years

3d ago - Wondering just how big League of Legends is in Korea? It's big enough that it has been the number... | PC

Toxic Players Finally Getting Their Just Desserts In League of Legends

3d ago - Have you ever gotten sick of the bile spewing, puss-filled mud hut lurking troglodytes that the L... | PC

How Frequently are the Most Hated Dominion Champions Played?

5d ago - In order to see just how big of a problem the top five most hated Dominion champions are, MMOsite... | PC

China vs. Korea: a look at champion picks and bans in League of Legends

7d ago - A look at the differences in champion picks and bans between Korean and Chinese competitive Leagu... | PC

Is Free-to-Play Worth It?

7d ago - Free-to-play can work, but it’s up to publishers to get it right. | Industry

Chinese LOL fans rage at Ghostcrawler over Lee Sin nerfs

7d ago - Lee Sin nerfs are coming to League of Legends, but China loves Lee Sin, and the country’s LOL pla... | PC

When Should I Start Learning Roles/Champions?

8d ago - Amanda of delves deeper into when to start learning roles and champions in League o... | PC

Doom Bots of Doom coming to League of Legends

9d ago - League of Legends Doom Bots are getting ramped up with “mind-melting abilities that’ll blow you a... | PC

The ‘Ninja must die’ incident: China’s LOL community is wound pretty tight

9d ago - A quick tweet about the game Ninja Must Die—or was it—turned into a controversial firestorm in Ch... | PC

Korean players in Chinese League of Legends teams: management says yes, fans say no

9d ago - What do Chinese fans think of Korean players joining their country’s League of Legends teams? The... | PC

Follow N4G on Twitter

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Live at the LCS

9d ago - The Late Night Gamer: I’ll always remember my very first live sporting event. It was a hockey gam... | Culture

MOBA Madness: This Generation’s MMO Rush

10d ago - 'The day there is an Adventure Time MOBA, you know that the market is over saturated. This genre,... | PC

League of Late Game

10d ago - With some recent patch changes altering the way LCS games are ending, Nate Hales is looking at th... | PC

China is holding a "Best Lee Sin in China" League of Legends tournament between millions of players

11d ago - Chinese League of Legends players absolutely love Lee Sin. But finding the best by holding a nati... | PC

Reworked Maokai Champion Review - MMOsite

12d ago - Maokai is the latest League of Legends champion to get reworked as part of the 4.11 patch. Maokai... | PC
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