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Esports in Japan Part 1: What is and isn't an Esport

2d ago - Defining esports in Japan. While Japan certainly has a fighting game scene and has started to emb... | PC

League of Legends Patch 5.17 Release Date Announced

2d ago - J Station X: Riot Games announces the League of Legends patch 5.17 release date. Patch 5.17 intro... | PC

Top 5 Games To Play in September

Now - August was a great month with many good games. Let's see if this month's game releases can deliver the same amount of excitement... | Promoted post

Spoilers: Cloud 9 vs. Gravity -- LoL Regional Qualifiers -- Recap and Analysis of Player Mistakes

3d ago - One way to make sure you don’t get down on yourself for playing poorly is look at how poorly prof... | PC

A devil’s advocate to gaming as a sport in the public eye

6d ago - With Halo 5 heavy-handedly pushing itself to be the premier FPS in the esports field and tourname... | Culture

League of Legends Reworked Garen Champion Review

7d ago - Garen, the pride of the Demacian military and long-standing fan favorite, is another League of Le... | PC

Riot tweaks League of Legends ranked rewards policies

8d ago - As part of its ongoing, and frankly Sisyphean, efforts to combat toxic behavior in League of Lege... | PC

League of Legends pro almost quit before winning the U.S. finals

8d ago - “It’s just really satisfying, it’s the most satisfying feeling I’ve ever had in my life. As I sai... | PC

League of Legends: Server Move Provides Connection Clinic For Players With Issues

8d ago - League of Legends servers are moving from Portland to Chicago and are providing a forum for Leagu... | PC

League of Legends Patch 5.17 Features New PROJECT Skins

8d ago - J Station X: League of Legends patch 5.17 will feature five new PROJECT skins. Patch 5.17 will al... | PC

League of Legends Darius Champion Review

11d ago - Darius was one of several League of Legends champions to be reworked during the 5.16 "Juggernaut"... | PC

League of Legends: Mordekaiser Can Now Steal the Dragon’s Soul

12d ago - Among all the League of Legends Patch 5.16 notes, many people have not realized Mordekaiser's new... | PC

A-Rod vs. A-God: And the inevitable mainstream success of eSports

12d ago - PC Gaming Enthusiast is hosting a community blog contest. The first entry is by Wil C., talking a... | PC

How Coke teamed up with the most popular eSports game in the world

12d ago - Fortune - From Aug. 22-23, the top North American League of Legends eSports teams will battle at... | Culture

Banned or Chat Restricted League of Legends Players Won’t Get Season Rewards

13d ago - SegmentNext - Getting banned or restricted somehow in the 2015 Season of League of Legends will d... | PC

Nvidia GTX 950: A Cheaper Way to Get the Most Out of League of Legends and Dota 2

13d ago - Gamespot: "It is hard to deny the popularity of multiplayer online battle arena games. With ti... | PC

Multiplayer’s latest trend: Avoiding other players

13d ago - For players who don’t like spending their nights reading about how to get better at something, mu... | Culture

League of Legends Patch 5.16 Release Date Announced

14d ago - J Station X: Riot Games announces the League of Legends patch 5.16 release date. Patch 5.16 intro... | PC

Introductory Guide to MOBAS: Which One Is Right For You

16d ago - Snazzy Naz wrote: Hey guys, I’m here today to give an introduction to MOBAs for anyone who is new... | PC

Read All About It: August 16, 2015

16d ago - Read All About It, covering the MMO news we may have missed. This week looking at League of Legen... | PC

The League of Legends A-Z : G is for Ganking

16d ago - What is ganking, or how do you gank? We'll look at some of the terms that League of Legends playe... | PC

Killer Instinct: Season 2 (XB1) Review

Now - Drew finally reviews the complete Season 2 of Killer Instinct. | Promoted post

The League of Legends A-Z : F is for Feeding

17d ago - What is feeding? We'll examine popular League of Legends terms for new/learning players in this d... | PC

eSports Weekly (Week of 8/10-8/16, 2015)

18d ago - "And we are back again with another edition of eSports Weekly. This week we discuss the grand fin... | Culture

Remilia Becomes First Female Player to Qualify for League of Legends Championship Series

18d ago - Maria “Remilia” Creveling has become the first female player to qualify for the League of Legends... | PC

The League of Legends A-Z : D is for Dragon

20d ago - The fourth in our daily series exploring League of Legends terminology, written for new/learning... | PC

Riot Games releases Live / Play League of Legends documentary

21d ago - Riot releases it's latest League of Legends documentary, focusing on five fans of the game from a... | PC
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