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Verbal abuse in League of Legends dropped by 40%

20d ago - Find out how Jeffrey Lin, lead game designer of social systems at Riot Games, and his teams’ effo... | PC

League of Legends Tahm Kench Release Date Revealed

20d ago - J Station X: After much anticipation from League of Legends players, the Tahm Kench release date... | PC

Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

SK Telecom T1 Joins Team Razer

25d ago - Team Razer signs League of Legends Season 3 World Championship winners SK Telecom T1. | PC

Top 10 Most Profitable MMOs and MMORPGs

30d ago - A list of the top 10 most profitable MMOs and MMORPGs around the world using real data. | PC

League of Legends: Tahm Kench Heads to PBE, Master Chef Tahm Kench Skin Revealed

30d ago - J Station X: Riot Games releases new League of Legends champion, Tahm Kench, on the LoL PBE. The... | PC

What Makes An Esport?

30d ago - In the current scene several games reign supreme in terms of fan base and viewership. Starcraft 2... | Culture

New League of Legends 5.12 Patch Targets AP Junglers

33d ago - Twinfininte wrote: Earlier today, Riot Games released the League of Legends 5.12 Patch, which the... | PC

League of Legends: Top 10 Best Champions for New Players

34d ago - At the time of this writing, there are 125 total champions available to play in League of Legends... | PC

More People Watch E-Sports Than NBA Finals, According To Data Report

34d ago - One Angry Gamer "An infographic from the Sports Management Degree Hub has an interesting breakdow... | PC

Fantasy - Most Wanted Video Games for the 2020 Olympics

34d ago - Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): The 2020 Summer Olympics take place in Tokyo, Japan, and organiz... | Culture

League of Legends Champion ‘Tahm Kench, The River King’ Revealed

34d ago - J Station X: Riot Games reveals a brand new League of Legends champion called Tahm Kench, The Riv... | PC

Why 'Heroes of the Storm' is More Fun Than 'League of Legends'

35d ago - Earlier this month Blizzard Entertainment entered the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genr... | PC

Has DotA 2's 'Reborn' Update Won the MOBA War?

36d ago - While DotA rolls out a massive update, offering a host of benefits to all aspects of their game,... | PC

The Biggest eSports in PC Gaming

39d ago - List of the biggest eSports in PC Gaming. | PC

New League of Legends Champ Teased; Meet ‘The River King’

39d ago - J Station X: Riot Games teases a new League of Legends champion called 'The River King'. Could Th... | PC

The EU LCS dream team that could conquer the world

42d ago - If these five League of Legends players ended up on the same team, the rest of the world wouldn’t... | PC

Riot Games Donates League of Legends Fines to LGBTQ Charity

42d ago - J Station X: Riot Games donates League of Legends LCS 2014 fines to LGBTQ charity, The Trevor Pro... | PC

Riot Hasn't Forgotten About Dominion After All

42d ago - The concept of champion balance in Dominion has pretty much become a running joke among those who... | PC

2015 League of Legends World Championships Seed Breakdown

47d ago - This morning, Riot announced the regional seed breakdown for the 2015 League of Legends World Cha... | PC

Newzoo: DoTA 2 On The Rise

47d ago - The latest Newzoo analytics have been released. Though RPGs appear to be gaining popularity, eSpo... | PC

LEGO Jurassic World (XB1) Review

Now - Ken travels to Jurassic Park once again. | Promoted post

Dreamhack Summer 2015 eSports Schedule

47d ago - Dreamhack Summer 2015 (#DHS15) starts next week. This morning, the event's official website gav... | PC

The Unkillable Demon King

47d ago - ESPN: 19-year-old Faker came out of nowhere to become the first true global star of gaming. Bu... | PC

There's nothing wrong with wanting to play 'League Of Legends' simply for the fun of it

47d ago - Tony Nguyen of G4@Syfygames plays League of Legends for fun. | PC

New League of Legends 5.11 Patch out Now

47d ago - Twinfinite wrote: Despite the fact that the League of Legends series continues to see the introdu... | PC

League of Legends: Ekko Goes Free to Play In Latest Champ Rotation

49d ago - J Station X: In the latest League of Legends free champion rotation, new character Ekko is now fr... | PC

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