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A Gamer/Game Dev's Opinion of the Game Industry in 2014

326d ago ... [b]By Chris Chung, [i]Catlateral Damage[/i][/b] I’ve been a gamer for the majority of my life. I grew up with Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Pokémon Blue and have been playing games ever since. I’ve been immersed in gaming culture for the past 15 years, have been working in the industry for the last 2 years, and I’m now beginning my career as an indie game developer creating my...

Secrets behind successful multiplayer - part 1

333d ago ... Foreword by the author: I apologize for spamming to promote my blog post a couple of weeks ago. That will never happen again. Call of Duty's multiplayer is no e-sport . It’s not even a solid foundation for long-term play . At launch , there’s hundreds of thousands online . Two weeks later, it quickly fades down. Advanced Warfare isn’t likely to change that (but there’s still a chance). How m...

League of Legends: Game?

974d ago ... A game should be something that is fun and has a main overall plot. A goal. But does League of Legends fit the bill? League of Legends is(in my opinion) good in the 'fun' factor. But the only goal is to destroy the enemy nexus. But does it have an end? Why do we play? To get higher in level? But again, what is the overall goal? WHY do we need to get higher in level? Is the overall goal to ge...
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