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Gamer Dies After Playing League of Legends for 23 Hours

144d ago - Last year, Riot Games offered Taiwanese League of Legends players a 400% increase in Influence po... | Culture

A Beginner's Guide to picking the right MOBA for you

285d ago - Original-Gamer.com: "At this point, the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, the most red... | PC

Q & A With OpenFeint's Founder Jason Citron and He Discusses Fates Forever In Depth

306d ago - TG writes: Recently, Jason Citron, founder of OpenFeint, gave us an early look at Fates Forever –... | PC

5 Ways to Stop Sucking at League of Legends

422d ago - Are you having fun playing League, but getting frustrated at losing so much? Have you been trying... | PC

Dark Souls II Review

Now - Drew digs deep into Dark Souls II and delivers a first… | Promoted post

MLG Programming January 17 - 18th

456d ago - Get the breakdown of upcoming eSport competitions hosted by MLG this Winter season! | PC

Rumor: Riot plans to rip through your chimney for a Christmas blast- Original-Gamer

496d ago - Ignoring how suggestive the title of that news post is, rumor is that Riot has some sweet plans f... | PC

Eveylnn, The Widowmaker: Third times a charm?

646d ago - So, in a seemingly continual effort to let players get used to a style of playing Evelynn well be... | PC

Varus got (new) Skills! The Abilities of Varus the Arrow of Retribution

708d ago - So how do you play Varus?! The best way to play when testing a champion would have to be grabbing... | PC

Free PC Games You Should be Playing

777d ago - Brash Games writes "Before we start, let me make on thing abundantly clear – this isn’t some sort... | PC

League of Legends $5 Million Season 2 Series

902d ago - Riot Games, the team behind the DOTA inspired and extremely popular eSports title League of Legen... | PC

League of Legends to shut down Mac client

957d ago - Riot games have announced they have officially canceled support for League of Legends after 13 mo... | PC

Top 5 League of Legends Assassin Characters

961d ago - GR - "While some champions choose to battle out in the daylight, others lurk in the shadows; this... | PC

Why League of Legends is Great (Even Though I Suck at it)

963d ago - Let’s be clear about a couple things in regards to League of Legends and the Riot Games crew: The... | PC

Meet the Teams: MLG Raleigh League of Legends

967d ago - The short but exciting history between these teams has created an atmosphere sure to produce inte... | PC

Top 4 annoying champs in League of Legends

972d ago - I comprised a short list of the most annoying champs that make you rage every time you play again... | PC

League of Legends: Skarner Impressions

983d ago - Gamerabies.com resident League freak is back with his impressions of the newest champion, Skarner... | PC

Study Shows Big Differences in US Online Gaming Quality

997d ago - Report: "A study of data collected by Pando Networks, the content delivery provider for popular f... | PC

Gamerabies.com - Full Rundown for Wukong: The Monkey King (League of Legends)

997d ago - Riot Games has been growing for a long time, and as they've grown so has a list of rumors and hav... | PC

GamerGaia's Free to Play Games Guide

1003d ago - Last week GamerGaia gave an overview of the free-to-play phenomenon and this week we give you a f... | PC

League of Legends Tips: Help Your Jungler, You Noob

1013d ago - In League of Legends, junglers do a lot for the team, but despite all the advantages a jungler br... | PC

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5 Free Games Every Man Should Be Playing

1019d ago - With so much of the gaming space moving over to micro-transactions and downloadable content, it's... | PC

League of Legends Patch v1.0.0.120 Goes Live Wednesday Morning

1032d ago - CFD!'s Rob Thomas writes: "So Dreamhack is in the books, with European team FnaticMSI taking h... | PC

Next Three League of Legends Characters Leaked

1045d ago - Other than the already known Yoric, the Grave Digger. A image leaked shows the next two champion... | PC

League of Legends: Champion Spotlight – Vayne, The Night Hunter

1068d ago - "Oh dear, this one will be trouble. Vayne is an Assassin DPS, that specializes in one-on-one b... | PC

League of Legends Blog: Lee Sin Trolled Us Good

1111d ago - GamingUnion.net: "If you weren't keeping up with events on League of Legends, allow me to give yo... | PC
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