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User Review : Lair

  • Great high def graphics{High quality sound{Decent storyline
  • Terrible controls{Hard to find your targets without a radar.

One very infamous PS3 game but for all the wrong reasons.

Here we had a game that showed much promise. It was a game with superb graphics and you could fly a dragon and kill other dragons with fireballs in the middle of an intense battle field. So what went wrong? ill explain in just a moment.

Lair's plot is centered around a huge island that used to be one island but is now split into two islands ever since a volcanic eruption. Due to this incident, people have divided themselves into two kingdoms: the Mokai, whose lands are arid and depleted of resources, and the seemingly noble Asylians, who live in one of the last remaining bountiful, green areas. The Mokai are naturally angry against the Asylians and are completely desperate to gain their land. Aggressive Asylian leaders are leading in to the path of the inevitable after the Mokai launch a surprise attack from the rear.

So thats the plot. It seemed good enough but the minute you start playing you realise that the controls are very difficult due to the sixaxis motion sensor and there is no analog control. Most levels require you to be very precise such as flying close to small objects to destroy them. Not having a radar makes this object difficult to find in a huge enviorment and the motion control makes it difficult to hit. Then there are the flying controls, one of the things I hated was the "speed up' control. You have to basically pull the controller back and then pull it foward really fast but this is only responsive about 20% of the time so you end up waving the controller like an idiot just to get a burst of speed. All this makes the game frustrating to play and takes the fun out of the whole thing. It will also make earning those gold medals after a level completion nearly impossible.

Well thats the bad part now I will get to the good part. The graphics are incredible to look at. The power behind this games graphics is pretty amazing. Everything has incredible detail and the framerate stays pretty solid even in huge battles. But even better then that is the sound. The sound quality of this game makes you feel like your right in the game and the soundtrack is very dramatic and matches the game quite well. If you have the 5.1 stereo system and a 1080i HD tv then this game will make you feel like your watching a movie due to the graphics and sound quality.

But unfortunatly like I mentioned before this game just does not quite cut it. Mostly due to the control scheme they tried to implement. It is just too hard to cotrol the game. Nothing really feels fluid and you have to force everything your doing. It should hopefully be a good lesson to any developer trying to make a game where you control the motion through motion sensing. It just does not work.

To sum it up, great graphics and sound, decent story but the playablity is hardly there. It was a game with great potential and it was a shock when it came out so wrong. If there is going to be a Lair 2 then the sixaxis better be optional.

Sadly the motion sensing controls make the game nearly unplayable and very frustrating.
The graphics are top notch. Very high details and the framerate stays solid.
Probably the best part of this game. The sound will captivate you and it matches the game very well.
Fun Factor
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Rice3762d ago

good review, im renting this game only to see how the graphics are.. I saw a video of lair in eb once and it was awesome. Iunno do u think this game would score a 9 or 8 if it didnt use sixaxis?

Clinton5143762d ago

Though I think you scored the graphics a bit too high. While the game did look good it was a bit low res and scaled back due to the huge size of playing field.

As for controls..I felt they worked out very well and I still can't understand the dislike for them. It was easy for me to grasp especially after completing the tutorial.

I'd rate the game overall a 7.5

joemomma3762d ago

I should have rated the fun factor a little higher. But if it had analog control and a better system for finding targets then it would probably rate a 8.

LJWooly3762d ago

Damn, that's what really annoys me about this game. All they needed to do was release a patch that allows analog controls, and the game would have been great. It's too late now, but the game had so much potential.

Lame analogy:
It's like the game is a beautiful face, and the sixaxis controls are a huge zit on that face. The zit completely lets the whole face down, all that would be needed is for that zit to be gone, and it would be perfect. So sad...

By the way, great review, you summed up the story really well.
I agreed with everything you said, apart from a few minor things, like giving the graphics a 9.0, as I would have gone for an 8.5, or something around that area. The graphics were great, but the coulours used (brown and grey, mostly) really didn't showcase them.

Fun factor I would have gone for a 6.5, as the objectives they give you are fairly generic and usually boring to complete; they basically consist of 'defend this', 'attack that', etc.

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