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Lair Patch Impressions From IGN

2355d ago - As a reporter, readers have left me lots of comments that I'll carry with me forever. I once wrot... | 1

Game Informer Scans: MGS4 and Uncharted Previews, Lair Review (7.25/10), E3 Top 50 & More

2579d ago - GameTrailers forum memebr thewster has kindly posted scans of latest issue of GameInformer which... | 1, 2, 12

Hands-on with Lair - It looks deliciously creamy

2582d ago - Sweeping gracefully down towards the water's surface and scaling towards the clouds feels not onl... | 21, 1

Lair: Next Gen Previews Sixaxis-controlled flight

2582d ago - Next Gen asks if Sixaxis-controlled flight will carry this fantasy game to the heights expected o... | 1

Top Xbox One Exclusives to Look Forward To

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GameSpy's Lair Hands-on: Good Candidate To Show off PS3's Potential

2583d ago - Lair puts a lot of emphasis on its deep and twisted storyline, that unravels as you proceed, miss... | 1

Lair Hands-on: Surprisingly Good SIXAXIS Controls, Impressive Visuals & Steady Frame-rate

2584d ago - Joystiq writes: "The SixAxis controls felt great -- which surprised us, since the controls... | 21,1

Geezer Gamers: Report from PAX - 9 Xbox 360 & PS3 Titles

2584d ago - Demos & Impressions (Summaries): Assassin Creed: "Assasin's Creed rocks... was cert... | 1, 2, 11

A Gamer's Hands On Review Of Lair - "Best Review Yet?"

2585d ago - A gamer has been lucky enough to receive the final retail version of Lair and he shares his hands... | 1

PS3 Paradise - Warhawk, Lair, Uncharted & More

2588d ago - Techtree's Navneet Prakash writes: "In spite of being under a lot of scrutiny lately for i... | 1

Lair: Hands On Preview

2589d ago - After reading what various game review sites and magazines thought about L.A.I.R, Three Speech wa... | 1

Lair Preview - "The controls certainly make the game feel more engaging"

2597d ago - The latest preview of Lair is from An Australian site. They had a hand's on impression of the gam... | 1

Eurogamer Preview - PlayStation 3: 2007's Most Wanted

2608d ago - Of all PlayStation 3's forthcoming releases, the most interesting and significant is neither a ga... | 1

L.A.I.R. Hands On: Don't Get Burned

2617d ago - Looking pleasing with stunning visuals and some clever uses of the Sixaxis controller, Lair sets... | 1

Kotaku Lair Impressions

2626d ago - The bottom line is that this is one of those games that's got a fairly steep learning curve and n... | 20,1

IGN: Pre-E3 2007: Lair Near-Final Preview

2636d ago - Lair has come along way since that bridge. For what seemed like months on end, all there was to s... | 1

Lair Preview - Eragon, Eat Your Heart Out

2644d ago -'s Nereos previews Factor 5's Lair. "Many people have compared the gr... | 1

Lair Preview - Six Levels Blown Wide Open

2645d ago - Up until now, Lair hasn't been sitting at the top of everyone's Most Anticipated lists beside Met... | 1

Japanese Lair Preview

2662d ago - This page was automatically translated from Japanese by Google. As for the stage of the game,... | 1

GamingEvolution's Preview Of Lair

2668d ago - Here's GamingEvolution's preview of "Lair" for the Playstation 3. | 1

1up and Lair: "One word really comes to mind: Epic"

2685d ago - Much has already been said about how the game plays, so after spending some hands-on time with th... | 1

Get paid to review products

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PS3 Preview of First Party Titles still to come in 2007

2686d ago - Evil Avatar take a look at the first party Sony games coming out in the second half of 2007. It l... | 1

PSU Updates Lair Preview...New Information

2689d ago - New information from research and PSU's interview with Julian Eggebrecht with a new preview updat... | 1


2689d ago - Here's a preview of the upcoming PS3 game "LAIR" | 1

Gamespot Preview Lair: The Skies Aflame

2719d ago - Factor 5's first PlayStation 3 game is almost feature-complete, and Gamespot have got an in-depth... | 1

Lair Preview: Beyond the Bridge

2720d ago - This past week Sony and Factor 5 gave IGN a couple of hours to dig their heels into Lair to get a... | 1


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