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RPG Speedrunning Marathon Raising Money For Charity This Week

154d ago - RPG Limit Break is a speedrun charity marathon benefitting the National Alliance on Mental Illnes... | Culture

The Armory: The Keyblade

268d ago - An article about the Keyblade from the Kingdom Hearts series, focusing on its design, and what ma... | PS2

MoreConsole takes on Destiny: The Taken King

Now - MoreConsole's rag-tag band of guardians finally make it to the Oryx's ship...but can they make it out alive? | Promoted post

Almost 9 Years Later, Kingdom Hearts II Brought Me Back

353d ago - A look at Kingdom Hearts II (and Final Mix), and how it has aged since it was released. "What... | PS2

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix And New Theatrhythm Will Be Playable At Jump Festa

678d ago - Square Enix announced their lineup for Jump Fest and they’re bringing more than Final Fantasy VI... | PS3

Why Do I Love It So Much?: Unraveling the Mystery of Why Kingdom Hearts is Actually Good

1147d ago - Erik G of explores why the Kingdom Hearts series, defying all logic, is act... | PS2

Kingdom Hearts Crash Course Part 4: One Year Later

1175d ago - GenGAME's Kingdom Hearts Crash Course series story review continues with a look at Kingdom Hearts... | PS2

Why Kingdom Hearts is One of the Best Series of All Time

1194d ago - With the next entry in the series, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS releasing at the... | PS2

Kingdom Hearts : 10 Years, 10 Game Launches

1287d ago - It's now been ten years that the Kingdom Hearts series has been on the market, with the latest in... | PS2

Auron Speaks! An Interview with Matt Mckenzie

1508d ago - An interview with the voice behind Auron, Matt Mckenzie. | PS2

Sales Of Kingdom Hearts “Final Mix” Titles In Decline

1718d ago - Siliconera: Sales of the Final Mix titles — and only Final Mix, not the original games themselves... | PS2

10 strange facts about the Kingdom Hearts franchise

1731d ago - Gamepro: It's been almost nine years since the Disney-Square crossover Kingdom Hearts debuted on... | PS2

GAMER-0 # 24: Chrono Trigger Time Warping To Today !!!

1780d ago - I’m back again bringing that gaming fire for you with a new intro, logo and just a new swagger to... | Nintendo DS

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, first U.S. trailer revealed?

1978d ago - While some claim that this trailer is fake, Gamestop is hosting it on their website, lending a bi... | PSP

Nomura comments about the future of Kingdom Hearts

2064d ago - In a recent interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura provided several new tidbits about the future... | 4,5,9

Sora tribute, Kingdom Hearts retrospective by Famitsu

2074d ago - Calling him one of the fans' most popular characters in gaming, Famitsu tipped its hat to Sora, a... | 4,5,9,11

Mass Effect 2 alredy discounted: RPG Deals 1/31 – 2/6

2081d ago - Mass Effect 2 for $45, Buy-2-get-1, recommended imports, and hidden gems in this week's RPG Deals... | 1,2,3,4,5,9,12

Kingdom Hearts on Piano: Birth by Sleep and 358/2

2083d ago - Square Enix has treated Kingdom Hearts fans to a second album of piano arrangements from the King... | 4,5,9

Kingdom Hearts : A fan composed an orchestral album

2107d ago - A young composer named Bak.R has composed an orchestral album of some themes from the Kingdom Hea... | 4,5,9

5 PS2 Games Worth Porting to PS3

2154d ago - Crave - "The God of War Collection came out yesterday and as expected, is pretty awesome. If... | 1, 9

Axel: Post-Days Character Thoughts and Analysis

2190d ago - Axel has been described by fans as an irredeemable asshole, a big woobie who's head-over-heels in... | 5,9

This October's Releases For All Things PlayStation

Now - The spooky month of October is almost upon us and that means another calendar month of releases to feed our gamer appetites. We take a look at what... | Promoted post

Tetsuya Nomura on Parasite Eve, Kingdom Hearts, and FFXIII

2206d ago - shared earlier today some commentary from Square Enix super producer Tetsuya Nomura r... | 1,2,4,5,9,15

GF's Cosplay Babe of the Week Rikku

2283d ago - Johnathan Lynch writes: "This week's Cosplay Babe of the Week is the lovely Rikku from Final... | 9,11

Tetsuya Nomura Discusses Kingdom Hearts' Past, Present

2288d ago - How did the concept behind Kingdom Hearts, one of Square Enix's most successful new concepts in r... | 1,4,5,9,15

411mania's Release List for the Week of May 25, 2009

2330d ago - 411mania talks about this week's game releases. Highlights include Cross Edge, Yosumin!, Crimson... | 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12

Top 5 Square Enix Video Game Franchises

2406d ago - Ever since the merger, no other companies comes close to the popularity of Square Enix's JRPG fra... | 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10
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