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The "Final" Fantasy of Square Enix?

307d ago ... According to IGN and a recent interview, Yoshinori Kitase told Videogamer that Final Fantasy 15 is a "very high priority within the company." However he also reassured us that this game will not be taking precedence over Kindom Hearts 3. Even though it's going to come out before Kingdom Hearts 3. Really Square? Kingdom Hearts has a huge fan base. I'd include myself but I'm a reporter. Gotta...

My Decision of Choosing PS4 or XBO

499d ago ... During the near final exams in my college, PS4 and XBO were announced especially games like Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay and teasers of InFamous: Second Son, Deep Down and Knack and other multiplat games like The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs and Destiny and that was before E3 2013. I was excited for PS4 a bit then got into my final exams, finished exams and graduated on 13th June, happy that I have...

That definitely wasn't Sony's best E3.

555d ago ... People are claiming Sony's E3 was the best in History. Okay. So they start off showing the The Last of Us, Beyond and a few more games that will close with this console generation. Then they show vita and all that, until finally they show the PS4. I like the console, looks great. So then they start talking about Movie/Music unlimited... Okaay.. They show the 4 PS4 exclusives that were already a...
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