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The best and worst motion games

9d ago - From Wii to Kinect 2.0, the rise of motion-controlled gaming has delighted casual players but oft... | Wii

When Peter Molyneux Calls Your Tech a Joke, it's Time to Rethink Your Tech

10d ago - 8CN: Peter Molyneux, former head of Lionhead Studios, current head of 22Cans, creator of games su... | Xbox 360

Kinect Sports Rivals proves the Xbox One Kinect still isn't serious gaming hardware

11d ago - Kinect Sports Rivals is the game that should show off everything the Xbox One Kinect sensor can a... | Xbox One

Kinect Doesn’t Boost Immersion – It Kills It

11d ago - "Using Kinect to mimic real-world action is an embarrassing ordeal of self-conscious stupidity. T... | Xbox One

Win a PS4!

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4 Reasons Why PS4 Is Crushing The Xbox One

37d ago - TechRez - Both Sony and Microsoft had big budget campaigns leading to the official launch of thei... | Xbox 360

Titanfall to Revive Microsoft’s Xbox One Sales

41d ago - Microsoft Corporation’s (MSFT) Xbox One, which is in fierce competition with the Sony Corporation... | PS4

Xbox Kinect Offers Hope for Children With Autism

44d ago - GamerFitnation: At the Steuart W. Weller Ashburn Elementary School in Virginia, educators have be... | Xbox 360

10 Reasons why you should buy an Xbox One

59d ago - Following on from our recent post on 10 Reasons why you should buy a Wii U, we have decided to ar... | Xbox One

Research Shows That Video Games Can Daily Up Your Fitness Level

87d ago - GamerFitnation's Kyle Swain explores the topic of how research shows that video games can help bo... | Culture

Upload Studio Could Potentially Become Xbox's Own Version Of Youtube

92d ago - As more people begin to add non-gaming related videos to share via Upload Studio, which is Xbox O... | Xbox One

Can the Oculus Rift and Motion Controls Change Video Games for the Better?

98d ago - Ever since the Wii was released video games developers have been trying to create something innov... | PC

Xbox One has a Kinect problem, but can 'Cortana' fix that?

104d ago - When the Xbox One launched in October, reviews praised the console’s all-in-one features with one... | Xbox One

Create a 3D figure of yourself using Kinect

109d ago - In addition to helping NASA control robotic arms, Microsoft's Kinect camera is now being used to... | PC

Xbox One/PlayStation 4 Voice Control Pranks To Play On Friends

111d ago - GamerFitNation: "Voice control – the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both have it, so you know what th... | PS4

Xbox One - One Month Later

111d ago - NowGamer: "Put simply, the console feels half-finished: the whims and desires of its community cl... | Xbox One

Does Xbox One’s new Kinect camera work in a tiny Tokyo apartment?

115d ago - RocketNews24: "Can Kinect for Xbox One offer the same exciting, controller-free experience in Jap... | Xbox One

One month with the Xbox One

119d ago - IM PLAYIN takes another look at the Xbox One, one month on. "If you’ve been following my peri... | Xbox One

4 Cutting-Edge Gaming Technologies With Incredible Promise

120d ago - So what technologies are developers experimenting with today that give us a glimpse of future gam... | Industry

Xbox One – Kinect Issues and Fixes

138d ago - Connect your Kinect with your newly buy Xbox one and enjoy it with your voice commands. But as Xb... | Xbox One

Safe While Gaming Guide: Cut 2 - Kinect, Xbox Media and Video Uploading Privacy

149d ago -'s new guide on gaming safety outlines Xbox One's Kinect Data Privacy, Xbox Music, T... | Xbox

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Top 5 Memorable Xbox Moments

150d ago - With the North American release of the Xbox One just hours away, VGU list the top 5 most memorabl... | Xbox 360

Playstation 4 vs Xbox One – Updated Launch Game Comparison

179d ago - As the release date for Playstation 4 and the Xbox one draws closer, many pre-orders have already... | PS4

Best New Gaming Innovation This Generation: Motion Control

190d ago - In science fiction movies, one of the main pieces of futuristic technology is almost always motio... | Wii

Is Kinect Really that Bad?

223d ago - Be its release on Xbox 360 or its forced integration into the Xbox One package, it seems that eve... | Xbox 360

Microsoft acquisitions: Its biggest hits and misses

228d ago - Known for churning out some of gaming's most beloved hits -- Battletoads, Goldeneye 007, and Donk... | Retro
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