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User Review : Killzone: Shadow Fall

  • Gameplay is really fluid
  • Cold War Theme
  • Top notch multiplayer
  • Inconsistent voice acting
  • Character models at times look lifeless
  • New Helghan is reminiscent of the old Killzone color Pallet.

Killzone is back guns blazing and looking better than ever before.

This is Killzone Shadowfall a Playstation 4 Exclusive.

Chaos has decended upon Vektan the home of the protagonist Kellan when they were invaded by Helghans living in New Helghan had enough of them and attacked.

If you haven’t played Killzone 3, the Planet of Helghan was destroyed by the ISA and it left the surviving Helghan homeless. The ones who survived migrated to Vekta but living separate from the Vektans with a big wall separating the two.

This game starts to look like a cold war with the two sides fighting each other in spy vs spy ways. In essence it’s Bad guys try to take over by any means even attempting to destroy the world, real basic Good Vs Evil story. How “Evil” the Helghan are is questionable. Once you meet the Helghan who are not soldiers you may just get a different opinion, is it a race of bad men or just an evil regime and the commoners have no say?

On the story side of the game you meet Kellan a Vektan Shadow Marshal who loves to hide in the shadows to slit a throat. Reiterating what I said before, the planet of the Helghan was destroyed forcing the Helghan that lived to move to New Helghan a subsection of Vekta the planet which the Vektans control. They live behind a wall where the conditions are much worse than the Vektans. Still remembering it was the Vektans that destroyed their planet they are not happy and are willing to take revenge by any means.

The story overall is decent but when you throw the lack of consistency in the voice acting it gets rather stale faster when the voice actors do not show proper emotion.
The ending to the story also left a sour taste in my mouth.

The gameplay is quite different to Killzone 2, and 3. No longer, you have that heavy feeling you did in the past games, the movement is a lot more fluid this time around. The heaviness was pretty cool in the past games but I also felt sluggish in my movements.
Killzone Shadow mixes in great guns with great gameplay and the cover system from previous games makes a welcomed return. In the single player campaign you will get to experiment with a variety of weapons such as a 3 shot electric gun which I just fell in love with
The main Campaign will also give you about 8-10 hours of gaming time on the Hardest difficulty which I beat it on.
I would also love to mention that Killzone has the best grenades I ever used in any game ever!

This game was basically shown to be a graphical beast and while the game sure does look amazing and more colorful this time around I couldn’t help but feel annoyed when I traversed areas which were full of color back to the dark gritty colors from killzone 2 and 3 when you travel to places like New Helghan. Aesthetically it suits the style of the game but I am real tired of the dark colors.

The graphics will be shown off constantly in this game, rather it be the lighting or the great cutscenes that show the beautiful vistas and lighting. Killzone Shadowfall was easily the best looking game of the Playstation 4 launch Titles.
My only real issue with the graphics apart from asthetics is the character models do not look really all that great, they felt lifeless to me and the female helghan you meet makes this even more prevalent.

This is where you’re going to be spending most of your time and where the game really shines. The multiplayer is much quicker paced this time around and there is a lot of fun to be had. No longer are you in a game where it constantly requires ranking up your character to unlock new guns and gear, the way you do that in this game is by choosing any gun on any of the three basic classes offered to you, Assualt, Engineer, and Scout. You’re thrown into the game with most things already unlocked allowing you to have fun and experiment right from the start.

The game modes offered online is Warzone or a 24 player Team Deathmatch. The Warzone is actually a series of modes within one whole game, during one sessions you may play through Team Deathmatch, Domination, or Capture the Flag type games and there is more than what I just said.

My only issue with the online portion of the game is the real lack of customization, I’m use to being able to show my individuality with cool Dogtags or calling cards in other games and there is a real lack of that here and it does not really allow me to express myself. There is some avatars you can change in the game but nothing significant enough you’ll want to spend hours just to unlock a cool dog tag that says “I’m awesome”

• Gameplay is really fluid
• Cold War Theme
• Top notch multiplayer
• Inconsistent voice acting
• Character models at times look lifeless
• New Helghan is reminiscent of the old Killzone color Pallet.
• Lack of personalization in the online multiplayer.

Fun Factor
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Chaos_Raiden1359d ago

Good review. Will get this game once I have bought a PS4.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1354d ago

Thanks, overall it's still a good game and I'll recommend it. Most people look at a "7" and think it will be horrible. 7=Good

shammgod1353d ago

Just bought this today. Only played about an hour of the story and I'm enjoying it. $20 at best buy

AnotherGamersOpinion1353d ago

I have heard mixed reviews about this game. I personally loved the first three, and once i buy a ps4 plan on buying this immediately.