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User Review : Killzone: Shadow Fall

  • Multiplayer
  • Soundtrack
  • Visuals
  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Dull

A boring dive into Next Gen.

My first dive into a Next Gen game really gets me excited to the future of the Playstation 4 as developers unlock the true potential. Visuals are absolutely stunning as you gaze across the crystal clear Vektan planet, along with the depth of colors, reflections, and textures make it all inviting. The game ran smooth outside of some rouge hiccups during intense combat situations. Also, the music is pretty damn good. Sometimes I would just stand still and let the soundtrack swarm me with warm fuzzy feelings, and inject me with adrenaline. The gunplay is pretty good too, with a lot of the weapons feeling pretty powerful knocking your foes around like ragdolls.

The new controls utilizing the Playstation 4’s touchpad didn’t really add anything new to the gameplay although it made switching between your OWL’s 4 functionalities seamless…if they were used. I barely used the Attack and Shield function as the game wasn’t that difficult. The Stun blast was used more frequently towards the end and was quite useful. Lastly, it deploys a zipline for hard to reach terrain, or faster travel, but its usage felt very much scripted. The gameplay as a whole screams generic FPS and doesn’t do anything special to help differentiate itself from other games that are out on the market. Although KZ:SF does a nice job changing your environments and setting, there isn’t a whole lot of memorable set pieces that make you want to push forward in excitement thus making my experience quite dull, especially when tethered to a completely forgetting story. The games never have done anything outside the box, really. I hate the fact that I play as the “Good” guys. The story of Killzone: Shadow fall is set up after the inhalation of the Helghast's home planet. In one big awkward apology, the ISA decides to give half the planet back to its original owners. A huge wall is built splitting Vekta in half, and all the Vektans living in that area must evacuate. After some time the Helghans begin to revolt and attempt to take back what’s rightfully theirs. From the beginning you play as a young Kellan, who is trying to escape to their side of the wall with his father. Sadly, they are spotted and his father is killed. Kellan is then saved and recruited by the evil ISA.

At least in Killzone: Shadow fall you play as someone who has a brain, and finally “gets” it, so I don’t feel like a complete douche. Sadly, the game does a poor job to develop the main character, making him not really worth caring about. He eventually is given aid by another underdeveloped character….Echo (I had to look that up) who is a half bred freak child from the two races. She is the one to have Kellan open his eyes to what is really going on, as they end up betraying their own kind in an effort to make things right. Their actions are noble but neither of the two have any defining moments that make them stand out. You are rooting for the cause, but a snail and a turtle could have yielded the same results. Actually, I think I would’ve liked that better…coming soon, Killzone: Turtle and Snail.

I digress, anyway, at least there’s the Multiplayer, which to me, is the only reason I continue to play it. It’s very competitive, addictive and fun. There aren’t a lot of maps, or different modes but it still does a good enough job at keeping you interested. With a game mode like Warzone that randomly selects other game modes in a battle of best out of 4, it’s easy to enjoy yourself. There are 3 loadouts and each has a set of 4 customizable slots, which comes in handy when you want to adjust your strategy on the fly. Battles can be very intense, and chaotic in some nicely designed maps that provides some good balance for both factions.

Killzone: Shadow Falls isn’t that killer IP that makes you want to own a next gen console. Outside of its multiplayer, visuals and soundtrack, and its a completely forgettable experience that ends way too abruptly, leaving nothing but a sour taste in your mouth, there wasn’t much there. Even the added gameplay towards the end did nothing for what should have at least put a smirk on my face. The game is all beauty but lacks the brains to be anything but ordinary. One day maybe Guerrilla will create a game where you play as the “Evil” empire and become a Helghan warrior. That’s something that would be cool.

It goes without saying that the PS4 is one powerful piece of hardware. Rich colors, shading, reflections make this world B-E-A..utiful.
The sound of the weapons sounded like it could tear our flesh and bones apart. The soundtrack was great too as it did it's best to pick up a sluggish plot.
Move along, nothing to see here. Gunplay is good but everything else is bland and generic.
Fun Factor
*Story* The campaign is soulless, just like the people you fight for. Underdeveloped characters, a plot that has no memorable set pieces to engage the player, and an abrupt ending that had zero build up with no emotional attachment.
MP is the best part. Lots of options, customization, and Warzone is a blast to play. The only reason to come back for seconds.
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robtion1555d ago

Very fair review. I was really disappointed with this game. Seems like it was rushed out for launch, because I know Guerrilla can do a lot better.

ZeoN1555d ago

By your scores, the game should be a 7 for average. I think 6 is pushing it.

robtion1555d ago

Yep, I think 7 would be a fair score. It's not a bad game, just not as good as it should be, and a step down from it's predecessors.

KwietStorm1553d ago

3 was trash, much worse than 2, and Shadow Fall is much better than 3.

robtion1552d ago

@kwietStorm: I thought 3 was great. Varied environments, great set pieces, cool mechs, amazing graphics, a good story. To me Shadowfall pales in comparison. To each their own though ;)

Number-Nine1554d ago

I consider 6 an average score. It wasn't good nor bad.

Maxor1553d ago

When I'm paying $60 for a game, average is bad.

annus1554d ago

You should buy a calculator with all that money you make from your amazing blogs. How did you get 6 as an average from those scores?

coolbeans1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Sure, the averages wouldn't be in line with the final score; but then again, I think Gameplay and Fun Factor are going to take a higher priority to his score than Graphics and Sound.

Number-Nine1553d ago

A poor attempt at trying to be funny.

I am not talking about the mean when I say average. I am saying that the game is average, as in; fair, mediocre, or ordinary.

Also, the final overall score is NOT based off of an average from the other categories. It even saya this in the parenthesis. I don't understand why some insist on repeating themselves when it comes to the score.

LoveOfTheGame1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

*Looks at Overall score*
"6.0 (out of 10/ NOT AN AVERAGE)

*Looks at comments*

*Looks back at Overall score, then again at comments*

....I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

OT: Very fair review, I do agree this seems to be a step down from previous installments but still not a bad game overall.

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The story is too old to be commented.