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Are the PS4's launch games really that bad, or...?

811d ago ... Over the past few days, gamers around the world are filled with glee now that the PS4 is available on store shelves. And many more gamers will be filled with glee once the Xbox One launches in about a week. Over the past year, the game industry has harped about how PS4 has superior hardware, how the Xbox One has superior online, how the PS4 has superior first-parties, how the Xbox One has a sup...

Sony Killzone Conspiracy Again? (4k argument)

1080d ago ... With the reveal of the PS4, Sony clearly has a beautiful piece of new hardware prepared to launch this holiday, but reminiscent of the PS3’s reveal the game Killzone once again comes to the forefront of a conspiracy that Sony is showing off tech demos that their games can’t live up to. Now, I won’t get into the argument of if Killzone 2 really pulled off equivalent graphics to its tech demo...
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