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Killzone Mercenary review (PS Vita)

zeksta | 885d ago | User review
Reviewing: Killzone Mercenary
Killzone, also avaliable to play in the Toilet!
First off let me start by saying I'm not one that generally posts reviews with in-depth details and analyzing in-depth, but I may try to go in-depth, so forgive me if I sound ever so noobish during this review, otherwise do enjoy it!

The Vita has been dying for an FPS Title that feels right at home and well created and crafted just for the Vita, and I can tell you straight off the bat that Killzone Mercenary has that feeling, it feels like every aspect of the Vita is used correctly, unless ofcourse you have hands as big as your feet, then you might find that using this console is hard for you, but if you're an average person with a general size of hands and feet, this game will feel amazing to you.

But that's not just all, the Graphical aspects of this game are simply astounding, you would not expect the Vita to pump out such detail, physics and such an immensely easy to jump into and play title such as this, but Killzone Mercenary does just that! But with everything that feels amazing, there is downside, there are some features and issues that I feel could be dealt with and/or put in too, but I'll get to that in my following analysis.


If it's not obvious enough that I love this game as it is, I'm probably gonna make it a little more obvious now, the gameplay feels fluent and solid much like you'd expect from a Killzone game, but it has it's own feel, unlike that of Call of Duty with it's virtually airless movement, Killzone Mercenary feels weighted and enjoyable but with a slight learning curve as you must adapt to it. With that though the game isn't hard to learn at all, and you can jump right in and enjoy each mission and play through as there are a massive variety of things you can do!

On the single player portion of the game you have the obvious campaign and all be it slightly cheesy and cliche story line, it's still an enjoyable experience if you love Action and Twists (Although obvious) from a game. Once completed you have the option to go ahead and do Each Mission over again with the mode of Contracts, in this mode you are assigned objectives you must complete, which add more replay value overall to the game!

On the multiplayer portion of the game you are obviously offered the general Multiplayer Modes you've come to expect on most fps titles, aside from Warzone which adds a depth of more engaging fun rather then just a pointless aim, shoot and kill, this mode provides you with Objectives you must do in Multiplayer such as Hacking, Interrogating a opponent or the obvious TDM modes. But it complies it all into one match, doing each of which gaining you more points, and then allowing the team with the highest amount of point to win.

The fact that your money that is earned from each kill or virtually any objective/thing you do in MP and SP is also joint, and anything you purchase, MP or SP wise you're also able to use on both modes it a neat feature, allowing you to kill Offline or Online and still earn gives you that feel of Satisfaction and you also have a wide array of Weaponary, Killstreak (Vanguard in Killzone), Armor or Explosives gives you all the more reason to work towards getting that extra bit of dough to have the upper hand on your opponent.

All in all, it boasts solid game play, although a few missing social features I feel could have been integrated for a better experience, such as In-Game Voice Chat (Excluding using party chat) or Text Chat, the inclusion of ping bar/meter, an easier to access leaderboard that doesn't leave you frozen in the midst of a game and also access to social features outside the game without making you leave the game.


I for one was simply astounded when I first opened and play this game, it was mind boggling to me that such a small device could pull of near PS3 graphics and still keep such stability fluent gameplay. With the obvious sacrifices in lowered textures, the game still has amazing graphical capabilities, from each brutally detailed melee kill to just the general character models and even the weapons and environment itself, the game looks astounding on a mobile device, and also plays like it too, I see nothing that I can complain about in this section of the review, all I can do is simple praise Gurilla for the astounding work they've done on it.


I can honestly say that I am not sure where Killzone Mercenary takes place in the Killzone Universe due to not having player Killzone 3 and kinda unable to remember Killzone 2, but the game's story isn't too spectacular, although engaging at some times, it feels like a bit of a chore to go in, do the same thing over and over, and get back out. It has a little bit of a mixed variety but all in all, it feels slightly lacking in the department. Very enjoyable overall none the less and with the addition of Contracts, enjoyable even more!


I feel that this is one of the finest masterpieces that the Vita has offered, and if a sequel is made, I would gladly purchase it. This game is overall an amazing experience to both Play, Feel and just See in the palms of both your hands, there is no other way to put it then simply amazing, especially amazing when you're taking a crap and you're in awe that you're actually playing such a masterpiece you'd expect on your Console rather then a Handheld!

Overall score: 9.5/10.
Social Features
In-game voice chat
Textures to a slight extent
Graphics Astoudning.
Sound The sound feels as the gameplay does, immersive and easily engaging.
Gameplay Solid and easy to adapt to!
Fun factor Amazingly addictive and can take away hours of your life, so be careful not to play too much!
Online Social features are missing, but once again, solid and very immersive and easy to enjoy, cannot complain much.
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)
Nicaragua  +   885d ago
I completely agree. This is the game that killzone 3 should have been - its awesome.
zeksta  +   884d ago
I'm still amazed that this amount of quality is on my handheld..
shivvy24  +   883d ago
nice review , now imagine in a few months you can cross play any game while sitting on the toilet
Donnieboi  +   883d ago
Did u play the beta? Is the muliplayer in the final retail version just as balanced and well-controlled (in other words, does it play the same) as the beta?
bunfighterii  +   884d ago
I'm loving it so far, multiplayer in particular. To have an online FPS of this quality on Vita is really, really great!
zeksta  +   883d ago
Can't agree more! It may just be almost perfection
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   883d ago
Nice review, I really like your layout it's nice and easy to read.
Also..."especially amazing when you're taking a crap and you're in awe that you're actually playing such a masterpiece" that's me sold! :D
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yanikins111  +   882d ago
Sinking so much time into this game. Took an hour to get used to the feel of the vita in my hands, but damn this game is addictive.
abusador  +   879d ago
I bought Puppeteer, Kingdom Hearts remix and Kz Merc, guess which was has my complete attention!? Yes Kz merc is so much fun sp and mp wise and can stand toe to toe with almost any full fledged console fps in terms of graphics and fun factor!!!!
_FantasmA_  +   879d ago
Just got it yesterday. The graphic are amazing. The only downside is only 6 maps :(. Was hoping for at least 10 or even 8, or some more gameplay modes to extend those 6 maps. I love the feel and controls of the game though and it has made me a fan of Killzone.

I think Killzone is getting better and ShadowFall looks like it will finally be the Heylow Killer. The fact that you can take out sniping weapons in custom matches (hopefully) in ShadowFall is reason enough to support that game for me, although I hope that stats and ranking are still counted in those matches.

I really hope alot of people buy Mercenary and that we get free DLC like Shadowfall will, or at least some fairly priced maps for it. Sony finally has a great shooter on its hands. It was okay before, but the controls and stereotypical soldiers were holding the franchise back. Show your support for the Vita, Guerilla Games, and DLC guys.
cell989  +   871d ago
i LOVE THE VANGUARD SYSTEM, I can see other devs doing this in other shooters, adapting this kind of feature and making it better, then claiming they invented it -__-
Jack_Of_All_Blades  +   871d ago
Nice review, I really want to get this game, although I am very busy with GTA V atm
BoNeSaW23  +   862d ago
This is gonna be my first purchase for Vita TV when it launches in NA. Can't wait! Nice review.

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