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User Review : Killzone 3

  • stable online experience
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Challenging gameplay
  • music, i wanted more
  • 2D grasses??? come on
  • .... nothing else

Is it that great?

Well, Killzone series just like Halo series defines the meaning of a FPS on consoles, with its top notch graphics and pretty good story you would pretty much need nothing more than a good and challenging gameplay which GG delivered very well.

But, Killzone 3 is beyond just challenging, while I play Call Of Duty Black Ops on hard difficulty, I can't even play on medium when it comes to Killzone, some times i'm tempted to change the difficulty to easy, there are always these epic battles with hordes of enemies that come to you like army of hell.

The story in Killzone is pretty simple, your planet gets invaded by Aliens that look like humans, you beat them, and they leave, but like any other western civilization that forgives its enemies(notice that I'm being sarcastic) you follow them up to their planet to change the government because of violation of universal rules, now, what really makes the story great is that when you get there you end up in a Sh!+ hole, your entire fleet is almost wiped out and you are on this planet's worst possible places.
But no matter what, you fight your way through to get to Scholar Visari, the man that I respect deeply.

Then your IDIOT companion shoots the dude down, and on the same time an entire army of the enemy that you thought was shattered comes to give you the middle finger.
there the second game is over, and leaves you with a wow and a deep respect for Helghasts and Visari.

The third game follows the story very well, and puts you in shoes of a Helghast soldier and I'm like, YES!!! finally I get to be one, but then I just find out it is the damn Sevchenko.
The Story continues with a Flashback to 6 months ago the time that fleet of earth is destroyed, one sheep is remained and the remaining human army is running for its life like dogs with their tails between their legs, and from the very beginning GG begins to destroy the respect that you had developed for Helghast people with giving you real brutal battles.
Well you fail to board the ship and even that ship blows up and that's it, months go by, 6 of them, and you are in a camp of ISA soldiers that are stuck on the planet and have nowhere to go, Helghasts come for you and again brutal battles begins, but the damn earth refuses to help you guys, since they surrendered or as they say they had negotiations with Helghasts and the war is over...

Now that is a brief look at the story.

Sound and music is just amazing as always in this game to, while you don't have a lot of music, you do have a bunch of epic battle musics that are just great.
The sound is also great, it is all about great voice of engines, weapons, explosions, everything is realistic in the sounds.
even the robotic limbs of the weird cat like enemy robots.

The graphic isn't that much better than Killzone2 and since they are on the same engine(or I believe so) I didn't expect much improvement, but I expected more.
specially in jungles, the grasses annoyed me, I was like why 2D? (but it is not like all the other shooters have a full 3D world.)
The graphics are very nice when it comes to the Jungle map, it reminds you of the AVATAR movie.

The gameplay is very well built based on a dual shock 3, you have even an alternative choice for control config that can fix the Zoom button issue that some had, which helps a lot in the game, the brutal melee kills are really fun, and huge guns that you get to carry around really ads to the fun meter of the game.

The online is just brilliantly stable, while I play online I use a program via my pc called Spotify that plays music, now my internet speed isn't that good, but when I go online and use Spotify no problem or harm is done during Killzone 3 sessions, and Spotify really sucks in all the internet speed.
This happens while if I play Cod: Black ops with the same condition, I will not be able to play for more than a couple of minutes.

There isn't much left to be said, but that Killzone 3 is another experience that shouldn't be missed, it is such a great challenge that it is just a sin to leave it behind.


Nothing more than a simple 9, sorry
Great work there GG, great work, just a little bit more music
It is just a great experience no more or less with a well built control
Fun Factor
Just great challenging game, you can't play and don't feel challenged
expected more game variations, but well, stability did it all for me.
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SuicideShaun2325d ago

Killzone is no where near as built up as halo is. Don't put them in the same league.

kane_13712325d ago

don't troll my articles.

SuicideShaun2325d ago

I'm not trolling, you're putting a game like killzone up beside halo and saying that it was the ps3's version of halo, and in no way does killzone stand up for the ps3 like halo does for 360.

Sorry that you feel like it's trolling but it's a fact that halo is a much more developed series.

pixelsword2324d ago

Meh, I used to like the Halo series WAY more than the Killzone series, but now, Killzone 3 edged out Halo because they fixed fix a lot of what Killzone 2 wrecked and the Last few Halos were a little bit of a slide. I did like Reach thought, but I hope they go a whole new direction without the Chief highlighting the game. He did his job; let him rest.

Izanagi-no-Okami2324d ago

Sorry but Halo defined the FPS genre as it is today. Without halo the FPS world wouldn't be the same.

velocitygamer2324d ago

It's not fact. Halo and Killzone maybe be both FPS, but they play VERY differently. So yeah, you can't put them in the same league because they are both completely different games, gameplay wise.

kane_13712324d ago

i'm in noway comparing the two, i'n saying they both define meaning of FPS games for consoles