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User Review : Killzone 3

  • Improves on pretty much everything Killzone 2 offered
  • Pretty, Oh So Pretty!
  • Most satisfying MP kills I've ever experienced
  • Lack luster ending
  • Cheap deaths on SP
  • MP could be better polished (IE More maps, Better TSA placement, etc.

A Killzone 3 Review from a Gamer (Not a fanboy) Includes Move/Sharpshooter Review!

Hello fanboys and girls, welcome to yet another review of Killzone 3. I cannot believe how many people think this game is perfect...*Deep breath* okay, let me not try to get into that and jump into the review:

As most of you know, Killzone 3 starts off right where the last one left off, and the beginning of the game throws a little of a curve ball (No spoilers here, sorry). The single player story elements are MUCH better than Killzone 2.

There's plenty of cut scenes, and overall it's much more story driven which was somewhat of a disappointment for me with 2. Killzone 2 opened with the most jaw dropping awesome speech from Visari, which was the best speech I've heard in a game, to have the rest of the story very lack luster.

This isn't to include the ending pieces, but there wasn't much in between which made for an uninteresting and forgettable story.
Now Killzone 3 brings Helghast politics into the story and actually has some identity to it rather than your general run of the mills FPS with the whole "Kill the baddies" story line.

Guerrilla Games definitely listened to the critics and practically put in everything that was criticized.

Different environments/colors...CHECK
More vehicle gameplay...CHECK
Change of pace...CHECK
Better controls...CHECK
Variety of enemy types...CHECK
Variety of weapons...CHECK

As said before, I enjoyed and had much more fun with Killzone 3's story than 2, the stealth level was pretty fun and actually had a couple spots with some scare tactics that I wasn't expecting and had me jumping! The spiders I thought was a little too much, yes there's spiders that jump at you and bite you, not like every other shooter has done this.

It just felt too much and there's only two places where you go spider squashing, it just felt tacked on I guess is what I'm trying to say. Like "Let's throw this in just for the hell of it, since the critics said there wasn't enough enemy types!".

As much as I didn't think I'd say this, but I side with the fanboys on this one, the story wasn't bad at all. The only thing that came up short, including your character (HA!), was the ending. The oh so controversial ending. In short (HA!), it sucked.

You can definitely tell GG is still an amateur game developing company, which is NOT an insult by any means it's actually a huge compliment. What they've accomplished thus far is quite amazing and their ability to improve so much over a short amount of time has me very anticipated for their up and coming games.

There story telling abilities still need worked on, as the game just seems to be missing something as said in other reviews. I can't seem to put my finger on it, but it's surely missing something that's keeping it from being a major success.

The graphics are stunning, the music and sound is mouth watering, the story and controls have gotten so much better. I pretty much sum it up as not quite, but it's so close and quite frankly it's close enough if you ask me. By the way, the game is worth playing just to hear the credits song, it'd hopefully get anyone hyped up and wanting to play the game again to kick some helghast's chunky asses.

Why do the character models seem so chunky and plump anyways? Time for...


If you've seen the articles or have been to the forums you'll see they're littered with complaint threads, almost as much as the COD forums. And in my opinion not for any good reason.

I've also enjoyed the Multi-player much better than 2's just like the single player. It's easier to join games via match making system, although it could use some tweaks, since sometimes it puts me in games where there's only a couple of other people and refuses to bring anyone else into the game.

The maps are an issue though, there's just too few and some can only be played through certain gamemodes. It took me forever to realize the jungle level is TDM only which I only play Warzone and I caught myself saying "Where the f... is that jungle level?".

The controls are much better as well, even post-patch on Killzone 2. Although they are still different than your typical FPS and may need getting use to still if this is your first Killzone game. It mostly feels comfortable after a few games. Killzone 2 basically had a huge deadzone and now Killzone 3 has no deadzone, I personally like there to be a little deadzone but that's just me and would be nitpicking.

I personally could care less about the weekly honors, stat tracking, 2D replays, etc. I play the game to have fun, not to brag and be a stat whore. Again, this is just me though, I know a lot of people who like to have access to stats like that.

I would like to have a true replay system since a lot of cool, excuse my language, shit that happens in the MP ala brutal melees, snipes, explosions, etc. The jetpacks are a nice addition as well except the TSA's (Basically fixed spawn grenades) on the map where you use them are horribly placed.

Move and Sharpshooter:

The Move is a great addition to Killzone 3. It's accurate, comfortable, and fun to use. The only complaint I have, which may have nothing to do with the game itself and a limitation of the Move itself, is the person you're shooting at is practically always on the very edge of the screen due to the turning with Move.

Not a game breaker by any means, I just like to see the guy I'm shooting up in the middle of the screen because getting kills in Killzone is just so freaking awesome, satisfying, and addicting all by itself. Did I say satisfying?

The sharpshooter, while it feels awesome to hold, is a little less accurate. Let me explain:

The Move: You use your wrists to aim (hopefully) which makes for a very accurate experience due to it basically being like a mouse and making small minor tweaks/changes is super easy and super quick.

The Sharpshooter: Since your physically holding a gun, you cannot use your wrists to make slight minor changes, instead you must shift your whole upper body to aim. And obviously makes slighter adjustments much harder and a little slower.

If you can handle being out-gunned on just about every occasion then you'll be fine, because it is fun to use and is very immersive. I'd personally recommend using the sharpshooter for the single player only, but as said before you may find yourself not caring because it's so fun.

And of course the aim lock-on for move users will help with the sharpshooter but it's still not as accurate.

Closing comments:

Personally I think Killzone's graphics blow away Uncharted due to all the stuff going on on-screen. Uncharted may technically look better but with the scale, and all the effects going on, I personally think Killzone is much more impressive. While the story is a great improvement over Killzone 2, you will probably be disappointed with the ending.

The single player also has some cheap deaths, the typical stray rocket that hits you out of nowhere can get irritating. All the fanboyism aside, the MP is fun and is also better than Killzone 2's. So what are you waiting for? Go buy it, rent it, and own some Helghast!

I could write much more but I'm sure you're done reading all this text, this is practically a brief summary, if you guys want more in-depth let me know.

Gorgeous, stunning, amazing...I can go on.
Beautiful, ecstasy for the ears, immersive, I can go on...
The game is definitely a typical FPS, It'd be an 8 if it wasn't for the jet pack and stealth levels, which really seemed to refresh the gameplay.
Fun Factor
The most fun I have with Killzone 3 is killing, it's just so satisfying. Which is very important to me, since with FPS that's up there just as much as the controls.
Better and over more enjoyable over 2, although the lack of maps and some odd TSA placement may irritate you and seem like the MP was unfinished. And what's up with Day 2 release already revealing DLC, am I the only gamer getting pissed off with this greedy move from developers?
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achira2641d ago

nice review ! i think your review is very nice and fits the game. mp is sooo awesome, and the main point is its so satisfying !

TheGreat_12641d ago

Thanks, appreciate the feedback!

paradiselost932641d ago

Very good review, im still going through the campaign, i got my sharpshooter in the mail today but missed the delivery so i have to wait for tomorrow until my post office opens to pick it up, can't wait to try it though!

And the multiplayer is really fun, i still prefer killzone 2's online because of the server list allowed more custom matches etc.

awiseman2641d ago

Very good, non fanboy review. Keep up the good work.

Digitaldude2641d ago

9.0 certainly sounds more realistic, absolutely loving my Helghast Edition.
Agree with most things said, nice.

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