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User Review : Killzone 2

  • Intense Gameplay
  • Jaw Dropping Graphics
  • Immersive Sound
  • Rico's an asshole

Buckle up and get ready for Hell

When the PS3 was revealed a very interesting and controversial game which was showed was Killzone 2. There were many questions raised by what was obviously fake footage (although Sony would have lead us to believe otherwise). The hype shot through the roof for the sequel of which was intended a Halo Killer and when it finally released it left alot of people's jaws hitting the floor at what is one of the greatest looking games ever to grace a console if today not still the best but the question is did it live up to the massive hype on it's shoulders.
As I have mentioned, Killzone 2 is a great looking game. It's gritty and dirty and the detail adds a great level of immersion to the game. Everything about this game looks amazing. It's only real problem in terms of graphics is a lack of colour, although certain lighting effects make up for this and besides, war ain't supposed to be pretty, its brutal and bloody and that's exactly what this is. War.
While certain games like COD have unnatural precision and speed, Killzone differs itself greatly. Killzone is much more realistic and in-your-face. There's a weighty feel which many shooters don't have and it's a pleasant change from the norm. The sound in Killzone makes you feel right there and it is one of the very few games to possess sound anywhere near as realistic as the Battlefield series. The control scheme is quite different than your average FPS and resembles that of Resistance 1. The game also introduced a Cover System which instead of switching to a Third person view remains in the First person perspective (although this is not present in the multiplayer component). For all these reasons Killzone 2 is a fun, unique experience unlike any game this generation.
The storyline is quite hit and miss though. While it isn't anywhere near the mess of MW2's storyline it certainly has it's fair share of problems. The main problem is Rico, a character who can't stop cursing and has temper showcased frequently throughout the game. It's also a bit disappointing that we never rally knew how the average Hellghast felt about it's life. Those few moments of their bickering and talk are a rare and fascinating insight into the ISA's enemy and give an intriguing sense of humanity to our foes. Besides these problems, which have been promised to be addressed in the sequel, the story is pretty good with the Hellghast's leader, Visari (voiced by Adam Coax) being a great villain and makes up for the story's few shortcoming's.
Throughout the course of the campaign you play as Sev who along with his squad and the rest of the ISA faces the daunting task of fighting the Hellghast on their own turf, the Planet Helghan. While the Hellghast have very smart A.I and are good at flanking you and aggressively putting you out of your misery, the same cannot be said about your companions who seem to just be a load of sponges to soak up some bullets and come along for the ride. Throughout the campaign you'll be put against many different scenarios and just be warned the variety really picks up in the second half of the campaign with Vehicles such as mechs and other epic battles.
Killzone 2 features a robust Team Fortress 2-esque multiplayer offering with tournaments, clans, etc. When searching for what kind of game you want the game gives you many options like Match Size, Ranked Matches, Region, Class specific matches and more rather than just a simple matchmaking server. The game can seamlessly connect different objectives together and throughout the course of your time with the multiplayer you will receive an assortment of badges, ribbons and points in order for you to level up and become a part of the community. While the process is quite slow and some extra weapons to choose from wouldn't have hurt, it's addicting nonetheless and is one of the best multiplayer offerings I've had in a while.
All said and done, Killzone 2 is an essential gem in your collection you should not miss and the sequel will be coming February 2010 with PlayStation Move and 3D Support (if you can afford a 3D TV that is) and is looking very promising with environments we've never see in the Killzone Universe, from the snowy frozen shores to dusty wastelands and from the wartorn jungles to the far breaches of Space, you just need to be ready for Killzone 3 so if you haven't played the current Killzone play it NOW!

Don't let your imagination fool you, it's really there.
Every explosion is going to make you jump for cover.
Satisfying and unique, quite unlike anything you've ever played.
Fun Factor
No douche with a shotgun or little noob with his sniper is going to take you down, it's going to be you who conquers all (unless, you know you're one of them or just ain't very good). This for real gamers and is extremely fun.
Balanced and similar to Team Fortress 2, although a few extra guns and a slightly faster Ranking system would be appreciated.
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